Guild Wars – Letter from Cantha

Since we last wrote from Cantha, Truearrow and I have made much progress. We have both become Weh no Su and defeated Shiro in the battle of Sunjiang District, at least for now. We are now working with the Kurzicks and Luxons to assure their aid in the battles to follow. This is a long process since they are very untrusting of outsiders. Truearrow has become a friend of the Kurzicks and I am near to completing the task of befriending the Luxons. At that point we will each befriend the other group to build our skills and explore more of Cantha. Continue reading “Guild Wars – Letter from Cantha”

Guild Wars – Adventures in the Charr Homelands

Jora , the other heroes and I have been adventuring in the Charr Homelands and helping Gwen to defeat the Charr. Along the way, we have fought hard and long to gain he assistance of Pyre Fieceshot, a Charr ranger who has taken our side in this battle. Since Pyre is much like a wolf himself and a ranger, we decided that he should have a fitting companion, and so we tamed a black wolf for him.

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Guild Wars – Letters from the Front

Hi, I’m Windy Delight, an Elemental / Monk living in Tyria. Just an update on my progress. I’m now a strong level 13 working in the Maguuma Jungle and surrounding territories. Last week I obtained my high level armor at Droknar’s forge. After working my way through the missions in the Shiverpeaks, I was able to get to Beacon’s Perch and then purchased a run to Drok’s to get my armor. I’m forever greatful to my brothers and sisters for helping me fund my armor and runes to upgrade it. I have chosen Ice Forged armor since I like the style better than the more confining Flame Forged armor that I had before.

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Guild Wars – Reaping in Tyria

Hello, all. Just a short note to let you know my progress back here in Tyria. The big news is that the Charr have come and seared the land, and I have pushed on west toward the shiverpeaks. I have taken Ranger as a second profession, and have taken a Melandru’s Stalker as a pet. At first I was dubious and thought that I would trade him in soon for a black bear. The black bears here in Tyria are hard to tame as it turns out. But I find that I’m happy with “Reaper Cat” as I have named him, and we are working together well.

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Guild Wars – Sandy’s letter from Istan

Hi, all. This is a short note to let you know about our progress here in Istan. Both Jacob and I have been working hard to advance here so we can join the fight to save Elona from Nightfall. Both Jacob and I have achieved Sunspear Commander and proudly wear the title. I think Jacob is a little embarrassed that I beat him to that title by a day, but I found the Sunspear Bounty on the various beasts and Corsair pirates before he did. We should have been using that since the beginning since it is a great help in advancing our careers.

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Guild Wars – Brothers and Sisters

We are eight: We brothers and sisters of Guild Wars lands. I am the elder of us and will introduce the rest. I grew up in Tyria, but since then I have visited the land of the Eye of the North to befriend Vekk and Ogden and Jora, and now we roam the lands of Tyria, the North Shiverpeaks and Cantha with our mechanistic friend MOX.

Over the past weeks, which have seemed like years, we have learned to cooperate and communicate, even though we are forever apart. In my small way I have been able to collect materials and funds to bring the others up faster into their skills, armor and weapons. It gratifies me to see how they have progressed. In the following pages you will learn, briefly, each of their stories.

For my part, I will continue, for the time being, to explore Kaineng City. I have been able to build my skills and power very effectively ther and when I grow some more I’ll return to Tyria to pursue the quest to protect the lands from the Destroyers.

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Guild Wars – Halloween 2008

Halloween is a really big deal in Guild Wars. For about two weeks, All Hallows Eve breaks lose all over Guild Wars, but especially in Lion’s Arch. This area is controlled by the White Mantle, but is in the center of an area where the surrounding forests and swamps are controlled by the undead.

The town of Lion’s Arch, and the outpost of Droknar’s Forge, among other places possibly, are transformed during Halloween in many different ways.

During the season, killing monsters often results in the drops of Trick or Treat bags, which contain interesting treats.

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Windy Flayer is Level 20

Windy Flayer now at Level 20

In about three weeks of life, I, Windy Flayer have reached the august community of Level 20 characters. I have gone from a lowly apprentice Warrior in Pre-Searing Ascalon, to a member of a team who successfully negotiated the Villainy of Galrath Quest for a whopping 4000 xp – experience points. This single quest what put me over the top, from a mid-level 19 to a solid level 20.

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Guild Wars – Advanced Interface

A character like Fuchsia

[This is a work of fiction]

Jeremy was on spring break after his sophomore year in college. He was doing well in his Advanced Web Technologies major, but had decided not to take courses over the summer, staying on-campus rather than going home. A little distance from his parents was better. How could he stay out late partying and sleep until after noon with his mother around. Continue reading “Guild Wars – Advanced Interface”

Guild Wars – Frost Gate Campaign

Frost Gate

Forgive my haste in setting down the events of this night, but they are a rush though my head and I must set them down before the heat fades from my soul. I will try to give you a little history of the event, but there are things in this tale that doubtless you will not understand unless you have experienced the world of Guild Wars for yourself.

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