Guild Wars – Sandy’s letter from Istan

Hi, all. This is a short note to let you know about our progress here in Istan. Both Jacob and I have been working hard to advance here so we can join the fight to save Elona from Nightfall. Both Jacob and I have achieved Sunspear Commander and proudly wear the title. I think Jacob is a little embarrassed that I beat him to that title by a day, but I found the Sunspear Bounty on the various beasts and Corsair pirates before he did. We should have been using that since the beginning since it is a great help in advancing our careers.

We have all saved very hard for our largest expense in our careers, our armor. It is frightfully expensive, especially the last highest power armor which costs 5 platinum, or 5000 gold, plus all the materials that go into it. I was able to collect, with the help of all my other brothers and sisters, the last materials required for my armor today, so I have my new Sunspear Robes. As you can see from this picture, it is very powerful and very stylish too.

Sandy's new armor

Also I have a very powerful Tempest Staff tuned for Air Magic, which has served me very well. It is a joy to see a foe cut down by a lighting bold from this powerful staff and the skills of Air Magic.

We are now saving for Jacob’s armor. Alas, his requires steel as well as hide squares so we have a lot of saving and hunting to do so that he can join us in the battle to save Elona.

In other news I have been working with my faithful heroes, Koss, Melonia, Acolyte Jin, Tahikora and Dunkoro. Of course my faithful longtime friends Vekk, Ogden and MOX continue to help and support us as we train so that we don’t get in over our heads. Jin is a ranger and we wanted to get her a very special pet, so Jin and I took a trip to the Far Shiverpeaks where I got my polar bear to get Jin a Mountain Eagle for a pet. The Mountain Eagle is much nicer than the flamingos and crocodiles they have around here. And who would really want a wart hog for a pet. I could not understand that at all. You can see from the picture that my bear is getting quite large. He is a level 17 now and I take him along everywhere so that he can grow as fast as possible.

I heard that the Jin that is working with Jacob has a Polar Bear. Mine has been very nice and I wish her all the best with her bear too. It seemed unreasonable for us to have two bears here and my Jin is very happy with her eagle. In a future note I’ll provide some pictures of Jin’s Eagle.

Well this is just a short note to keep you up to date on things here in Elona.

Take care, and I hope to hear from you all soon.

May the five gods bless us,

Sandy Dunewinds