Guild Wars – Reaping in Tyria

Hello, all. Just a short note to let you know my progress back here in Tyria. The big news is that the Charr have come and seared the land, and I have pushed on west toward the shiverpeaks. I have taken Ranger as a second profession, and have taken a Melandru’s Stalker as a pet. At first I was dubious and thought that I would trade him in soon for a black bear. The black bears here in Tyria are hard to tame as it turns out. But I find that I’m happy with “Reaper Cat” as I have named him, and we are working together well.

I have gotten my level 30 armor and have chosen the Tyrian style of armor. I am saving every scrap of materials for my level 60 armor. Congratulations, Sandy, on getting your new armor. I can appreciate how hard it is to get yours. It is amazing that Truearrow and Lidia were able to get theirs so fast. It seems that Cantha allows easier paths to getting good armor. I hope to get mine after I get to Lion’s Arch. At that point I’ll take the trip to the Far Shiverpeaks to meet new friends Ogden, Vekk and of course MOX. As it turns out, the station in the North has just the armor I need. So I hope I can fight my way to Lion’s Arch with level 30 armor. I know that Windy Delight was able to get passage to Droknar’s Forge to get her armor, and that this is a very expensive and scary passage to make. Not out of fear, for I am fearless, but out of challenge, I am going to attempt to forgo the trip to Drok’s and get my armor at Boreal Station in the North.

Here’s a picture of my present level 30 armor. The level 60 armor I have chosen will be in the same style.

The red color seems to fit my blood-thirsty nature as a Necromancer.

I have made it as far as Yak’s Bend as of yesterday. It was quite a trip and I would not have made it without a friend who fought through the mountains along with me. At this point I need to go back and gain more experience so that I can fight the foes up here.

By the way, I did find Gwen’s flute and it was broken. I was able to buy her a new one and she followed me about for a time. But I have lost track of here in the Searing. Perhaps I will see Gwen again. She was a lovely little girl, but by this time she may have grown into a young woman. I certainly do hope I see her again.

May the underworld curse your passage,

Windy Reaper