Guild Wars – Brothers and Sisters

We are eight: We brothers and sisters of Guild Wars lands. I am the elder of us and will introduce the rest. I grew up in Tyria, but since then I have visited the land of the Eye of the North to befriend Vekk and Ogden and Jora, and now we roam the lands of Tyria, the North Shiverpeaks and Cantha with our mechanistic friend MOX.

Over the past weeks, which have seemed like years, we have learned to cooperate and communicate, even though we are forever apart. In my small way I have been able to collect materials and funds to bring the others up faster into their skills, armor and weapons. It gratifies me to see how they have progressed. In the following pages you will learn, briefly, each of their stories.

For my part, I will continue, for the time being, to explore Kaineng City. I have been able to build my skills and power very effectively ther and when I grow some more I’ll return to Tyria to pursue the quest to protect the lands from the Destroyers.

My name is Lidia Greywind. I work as an assasin and necromancer in Cantha. My brother Truearrow and I have grown up in Shing Jea Island and have recently moved to Kaineng City. We have both obtained our maximum strength armor and weapons and have progressed very quickly. I am working with Vekk, Ogden and MOX. Windy Flayer, my big brother helped to get materials and financing to obtain my armor. He worked for many days to collect the various materials that I needed to get my armor from the Collectors in the city. For this I am very grateful and will return the favor for my younger siblings.

My name is Truearrow Stormwind. As a ranger and ritualist, I am in tune with nature on many levels. One of my constant companions is my Tiger – Windy Claws. He is constantly with me growing and becoming stronger with each of our battles and quests. After my apprenticeship in Shing Jea, I have moved to Kaineng City to grow in my skills. In order to make this transition I now work with MOX. We serve in any way we can, for by doing this we are able to gain the maximum experience and rewards for our service.

With the help of our older brother Windy Flayer, I have been able to get some strong weapons and maximum strength armor. These materials are essential to survival in Kaineng City. This is a very rough place.

My name is Jacob Whirlwind and I came of age in Istan in the world of Elona. I am trained as a dervish and a monk. In order to progress in my skills, I have visited the Far Shiverpeaks and now work with Jora, Vekk, Ogden, MOX and several Elonian local heroes. We area powerful and diverse team and are progressing rapidly with our skills and in exploring this land.

My name is Sandy Dunewinds and I was born in Istan in the world of Elona. I am trained as an Elementalist and Ranger. As part of my training, I have visited the Far Shiverpeaks, befriended Vekk and Ogden, and have obtained a Polar Bear as my closest companion. My bear and I are constant battle companions and are growing in skills. With the help of Jacob and Windy Flayer, I have been able to explore the Lahtenda Bog to collect my strong 45 rated armor. I hope to progress rapidly and obtain other working friends here in Istan. At some point we will vist the Far Shiverpeaks again to get a mountain eagle as a pet for Acolyte Jin.

My name is Windy Delight and I’m an Elemental born in Tyria. I took Monk as my secondary profession so that I can offer my healing expertise in battle. I have been working my way across Tyria trying to escape the Charr until I become more powerful. At this point I’m a level 10 and trying to get to Beacon’s Perch so that I can get a ride to Droknar’s Forge to get powerful armor. Once I get to Lion’s Arch, I can get MOX and then to The Far Shiverpeaks and get the help of Vekk and Ogden.

I am called Windy Reaper and am a novice Necromancer in Tyria. Things are bright and cheerful in Ascalon City and the surrounding villiages. Although I have heard some stories of the Charr and their raids in the North, these do not concern me at this point as I begin to learn my skills and way around in the countryside. There is a little girl here named Gwen who has lost her flute. If I can kill these viscious skale, perhaps I will see if I can find her flute.