Surfrider Mount for a Day


In the level 30 area town, the “Event” quest giver with the pink arrow gives you a quest for a 1 Day Surfrider mount reward. Woopee. Well not so much. It’s not very fast and it can’t fly. So it’s just a come on to spend real money in the store where you can buy one of these for each character. Sigh. No option to buy Account Wide mounts.

The blow hole is right under where you are standing, so it occasionally blows up your skirt and knocks you down. But you don’t fall off.

Not that fast, so while it’s an intro to mounts, it’s not that much faster than Running Potions. By this timeĀ  you probably have a hundred running potions and you’ll keep getting more, so mounts aren’t that interesting – until they can fly. But they probably give you a lame flying mount when you need it.


Plastic Surgery

When I originally tried Aion on a private server, the Asmodian characters didn’t look that good. At some point I created characters on the NCSoft servers, but I don’t have a record of when I did that. I might have used a trial. At the time I was not impressed enough with the game to continue playing it. Recently I’ve come back to the NCSoft servers and am enjoying it.

After learning a lot more about how to create a nice looking character, I needed to send three of my original characters back through “Plastic Surgery”. Here’s an album of the process of in-game purchases and Plastic Surgery.

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Aethertech Class – Play As a Mech

A popular class in MMOs is the “Engineer” or Mechanical class. Usually employing gunfire of some kind. GW2, Wow, and Tera all have Engineer orĀ  Gunner classes. One of the fetishes for these classes is a big gun. Well, for the Aion Aethertech class, the gun is bigger than all the rest.

This Mech is not a mount, but actually the weapon for this class.

It flies, and glides and when you “Disembark” you are carrying a CypherKey, which only allows you to “Embark” to ride your Mech. The Mech skills include punches, rockets and rocket powered fists. And this is all out of the box at level 10.

Tera Gunner, eat your heart out. My “Gun” is bigger than yours.

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Spiritmaster Pets

So far I’ve seen four pets of the Spiritmaster: Fire, Earth, Water and Wind. The Wind Spirit looks like a small griffin with a white / blue mane. The Tempest and Magma spirits appear, depending on your Faction, at level 50.

At about level 25 I’ve seen these pets. I prefer the Wind pet, although they all probably do the same damage and I’m not clear on any reasons for choosing among them.

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Character Boost Pricing


I was just checking on some account services for some of my characters. These are ones that I’ve created a long time ago and need a coif and makeup.

Plastic Surgery is very like Wow’s Appearance Change and costs a little less. Rule of thumb: Game currency is a little more than a penny a coin. So about $10 on Aion and $15 on Wow. About the same.

But here’s where it gets weird. Say you want to play end-game and you don’t want to slog through all that leveling on the way and you have some coin to spend for that? On Wow a Character Boost will cost you $60. Since Battle for Azeroth is coming out and will raise the level cap to 110, I’m not sure what will happen. This price is for the level 100 boost that was active for Legion, the currently active expansion. So, $60 to start playing end-game content.

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How to Install Aion in May 2018

This post is back-dated to keep it off the front page.

In May of 2018, there are were problems installing Aion from NCSoft.

A couple of days ago, I tried a clean install on another computer and got the same error. When you try to “report the error” you get another error, probably because the Launcher / Updater can’t reach the web page to report the error. Woops.

Update: I just completed a clean install and it worked without error. Looks like they fixed the problem I saw two days ago.

So here are the steps to install Aion from NCSoft from scratch, and how to get around this problem if you encounter it. We can hope that they fix the install soon so that this error is not encountered. I mention “Aion from NCSoft” since there are private servers out there. I’ve tried one of them, but I’m not suggesting you install Aion from a private server.

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AION Private Server


I have been watching the AION game for some time, and since it was released in this country by NCSoft, I had hoped that they would use the same model as they do with Guild Wars, which is purchase followed by FTP [no subscription]. Well they apparently are greedy, and have gone with the WoW model, which is Pay for the game and then pay $15 / month. Sorry, but I’m not interested in this model.

However, I have found a FTP Private server. Oddly enough. GameZ AION is a private server with enhanced EXP, Currency and Drop rates.

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