Skills and Tools

3D Tools – Carrara 8.x, 3ds Max since 1995. Various tools since 1991.

Video production – Corel Video Studio, Adobe Premier, Nero Vision.

DVD / BluRay production – Corel Video Studio, Nero Vision, ULEAD DVD Workshop.

Digital Images – Raw Therapy, Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, IrfanView, IMatch.

Web Design- and other web design sites.  WordPress, Coppermine, SMForums, php / MySQL, phpBB.

Database Design: MySQL, OpenOffice 3.x Base.

Programming languages – C, C++. Recently Java.

Development Environments: Eclipse for Java, Qt Creator, Qt Toolkit 2.x – 5.x, KDevelop, Visual Studio Versions 1997-2008, Windows Forms, Windows MFC,

Linux – Linux Mint since 12, Ubuntu, SUSE, KDevelop, KDE, Qt Creator, Qt Toolkit,

OpenGL on Windows and on Linux.

Embedded Environments – VxWorks, et al.

updated: July 2020