Guild Wars – Letter from Cantha

Since we last wrote from Cantha, Truearrow and I have made much progress. We have both become Weh no Su and defeated Shiro in the battle of Sunjiang District, at least for now. We are now working with the Kurzicks and Luxons to assure their aid in the battles to follow. This is a long process since they are very untrusting of outsiders. Truearrow has become a friend of the Kurzicks and I am near to completing the task of befriending the Luxons. At that point we will each befriend the other group to build our skills and explore more of Cantha.

We have each gotten our Jora hero a white tiger as a pet, and are growing this pet to a strong level 20 to aid in our battles. Here are a couple of pictures from my travels in the Jade Sea area controlled by the Luxons.

With the coming of the Jade Wind, the Jade sea, which was once a normal ocean, solidified into solid jade. It is not cold, but quite pleasant here. The white areas are not snow, but foam in the jade. The Luxons mine the jade in quarries and the wild life here has adapted to the conditions. There are giant turtles, quite docile that the Luxons use for transport and other sea creatures that now travel upon the ocean and attack with all manner of deadly spells. But despite all the strangeness and unrest here, I think I prefer the sun and open spaces to the dark and foreboding spaces that Truearrow is dealing with in the Echovald Forest.

I’m sure that Truearrow will have more to say about what he is facing in his letter.

May the five gods bless your journeys.

– Lida Greywind.

As you can no doubt tell from Lidia’s letter, we have made some amazing progress in our travels. I find the Kurzick area of the Echovald Forest, quite fascinating, although it was quite dangerous at the beginning of my travels here. Now that I have tuned my weapons and trained my heroes and henchmen, we can travel quite safely and make progress here in exploring and building our skills.

This is a place of Gothic aspect and towering stone trees, protected by jealous wardens, aggressive Dredge and troublesome monsters.

Here is a few in one of the many outposts that shows the architecture preferred by the Kurzicks. They build from the local stone trees.

But there is fellowship and trust in our band of hearty warriors, even in this ugly and dangerous land.

Here is Jora with her new white tiger. We are training it in our exploring and it is learning and growing quickly.

That is all for now from the Echovald Forest. May the five gods bless your passing.

– Truearrow Stormwind