ImpressShowRunner Released

ImpressShowRunner is running well on both Windows 10 and Linux Mint 19.

Go here to get the Jar file.

Here is a complete description of the program and how to use it.

The program is distributed as a JAR file and requires Java SE 11 or later to run. OpenJDK 11 is built in to Linux Mint 19 and the normal windows SE release is currently Java 8.  This will not work to run the program since it was developed for the JDK 11 version of Java. Actually. Let me get back to you on that. I have JDK 14 installed on the system I use to test on Windows 10. I need to sort out these Java version numbers and confirm that the program works on Java 8. Are Java JDK versions different from the RunTime environment versions? Let’s see.

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QtShowRunner Runs Shows in Impress

You recall my previous post about using LibreOffice Impress to show artwork?

Well that’s a problem if you have lots of artwork you want to show. The slide shows get very large and so you have a few shows, and then you want to loop them all, right? Impress does not support that. So I wrote a program to help.

Lots of Artwork Slide Shows

RunningMan.pngQtShowRunner runs a sequence of LibreOffice Impress slide shows one after the other in a loop. Currently it runs on Windows but soon the plan is to move it to Linux Mint.

See my original question about this problem here:

Chaining Impress Slide Shows Together?

After no solution appeared, I wrote a program to do it.

Here is a shot of the program dialog and the Impress Slide Show settings. You need to uncheck Change Slides by Clicking on background for QtShowRunner to work without skipping through your slides.

Here is the SourceForge page for the program.

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QtSlidePlayer – Display Slides without Movies

QtSlidePlayer Shot Editor
QtSlidePlayer Shot Editor

I wanted to display images each with one or more pan / zoom shots. Both on Windows and Linux. I have a Zbox running Linux Mint that I use as a photo frame. As I looked around for programs, all of them created movies. I did a test with one of these programs and 5 slides took 2 minutes to render the 100MB video. This means that a slide show of 300 slides would take 5 hours to render a movie of 8GB. The images for this slide show are only about 200MB.

QtSlidePlayer allows building slide shows in a portable way and the program runs on either Windows or Linux. You can find the program at SourceForge.

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Game Screenshot Archive Program

QtSSA Version 1.2
QtSSA Version 1.2

I have lots of screenshots from the games I play. I used to use screen capture programs to do this, but almost all the games use PrintScreen now to save the images. Most tag the images with unique names based on the date and time, but Guild Wars 2 is not doing that. They tag the files with sequential numbers which makes it difficult to archive the images.

The problem is that the names are not unique if you delete the files in the screen shot folder and take more screenshots. In that case they start over from gw001.jpg again. So I wrote a program to archive my screenshots from my game programs.

I back up my screenshots to folders in the form yyyy_MM, like 2013_11 so that I can easily find them and so that not too many files appear in a single folder. Also, since my system drive is an SSD, I don’t want screen shots to accumulate there to excess and use up that valuable space.

Update: 11 Mar 2014 – Get Version 1.5 to add zoom/pan and reorder pairs. Read more below.

Update: Get version 1.2 with a fixed installer and screen shot image review. Read more below.

Update: Get version 1.1 that supports sub-folders. Read more below.

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Software Sites Recommend Me.

Now that I’ve put up some new shareware programs on Source Forge, software sites have started to “recommend me”. They must be employing folks in a far off country to do some simple tests and an automatic virus scan and then put the page on the site. The problem is that I’m not sure they link back to the Source Forge site so that updates are evident to users.


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PhotoResizerQt – Simple Photo Resizer

Update: Update: Program fixed now. The problem was some plug-ins that process images. These DLLs were not supplied since the program finds them with a non-standard way if you have the Qt toolkit installed. The program and the installer is now fixed to install those plug-ins too.

Update: This program fails on Win XP Sp3. I’m investigating why this is, but it appears to be a bug in the QPixmap class of the Qt Library. I’ll fix the program as soon as possible. You can follow the discussion in this post.

Friends of mine have their digital cameras and need to resize their photos to send over email. All the programs I’ve found on the web are either too complicated with way too many options for a novice computer user or strange to use like the program that you rename to change the size of the photo and then drag and drop photos onto it to resize the photos. I have designed a very simple program to resize either one or several photos.

Resize a Photo

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CoreHeaterQt Program

I recently wrote a program to test my new computer. I wanted to test the wattage range and cooling of the new processor so needed a program that would keep all the cores of the processor busy. The Core i7-950 is a 4 core processor with Hyper-Threading which means that there are a max of 8 threads. Since AMD provides server processors with up to 12 threads so the program has a maximum number threads of 32. I use the HWMonitor program to monitor temperatures and wattage if your processor supports it.

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