Private Gaming Servers

Elite Dekaron

I’ve recently discovered the culture of Private Game Servers for popular MMO and other games where the rules are broken to make the game experience different. Usually the EXP, loot and currency drop rates are multiplied by 200 – 1000x to make the game less of a “Grind”. Many Asian MMOs are one awful grind, meaning it takes hours or days to level up or collect the loot or currency you need by killing monsters. A couple of years ago I played 2Moons [Dekaron] for almost a year and never got above level 85.

On a private server for Dekaron I now have 7 characters above level 170.

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Broken Update? Here’s the Fix

If your Jade Dynasty screen looks like this, or if any other MMO you are playing fails to find a server or update does not work, you might want to check this.

Update Screen Failed

If you see this, then you can play the game, as long as you don’t need an update. But the update process clearly won’t work. Continue reading “Broken Update? Here’s the Fix”