Article 13: EU Copyright Nonsense

There are no images in this post, since that might cause an Article 13 Copyright Violation and prevent my readers in the EU from being able to see this. [Satire Intended]

In case you missed it, here is an article that summarizes Article 13. I will not quote any of the article here, since that might awaken the Copyright Dragon.

Under Article 13, the hosting service – WordPress, Youtube, Facebook, you know. Those guys? will be held libel, with big fines, for hosting any content that infringes on anybody’s copyright. So this is the “Old Guard” media companies – Movie studios, Record Labels, Newspapers, etc etc. You know who they are too. – trying to protect their last vestiges of “rights” from the Old World.

These “Old Guard” have, as Old Guards always do, missed the point of the New World. The new world is about “Exposure that Captures the Hearts and Minds”. Let me give you some examples.

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Mobile Phone to Every Residence?


Mobile Phone as a Utility? To Every home? Too Expensive you say? Really? While we pay an average of $71 / month in 2012.

In one survey, 46% of Americans with mobile phones said their monthly bill was $100 or more, and 13% said their monthly bill topped $200 per month. The average individual’s cell phone bill was $71 per month last year, a 31% increase since 2009, according to J.D. Power & Associates.Oct 18, 2012

So don’t we think that is enough income to allow mobile phone providers to provide coverage at every home and business?

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Mobile Phones Are Not A Utility

In this age of Mobile Phones, or Smart Phones, and the Internet and Cord Cutters, we are tempted to think of Mobile Phones as a Utility. But they are not, primarily because they are not regulated to be so. Shouldn’t this service be a Utility?

These are crowd-sourced coverage maps for AT&T 4G from Sensorly. Does this look like a utility to you? To me, this looks like the Provider has decided that coverage is important on main roads, and not in residences or minor roads. So don’t get stuck or have an Emergency on anything except a major road. Don’t use your mobile phone from home, use it from your business.

What if the electrical grid or land line phone service was done this way? What does this say about folks – an increasing majority of us – who only have a cell phone and no land line?

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Dragon Wars

Cataclysm-deathwing-world-of-warcraft.jpgThe weakened and bloodied Red Oracle Dragon flew off after the latest battle and called cynically over it’s shoulder, “You won this battle, but your Open Sorcery is now tainted! I shall return!”.
The battle had been going on for decades. The Red Oracle Dragon and the Green Google Dragon fighting over the Sorcery of the Java. This magic had once been powerful, but now even this powerful magic was leaking away into the ether. Once it was seen as a saving force for good and a powerful influence that would consolidate the power of it’s creator, the Yellow Sun Dragon. At the time, the power of the Yellow dragon was fading. It’s Solaris and Server Magic was fading, as all magic powers do in time.

The world was moving on to the great Intel Blue Dragon and the Yellow force of the Solaris magic was no long powerful enough. But the Java Magic was seen as a force that might control this loss of influence, since the Java magic was Crystal Color Independent. The Java Magic would draw power from any color of magic chips, since it’s power was Interpreted by the color of crystal that was nearby. Using this multi-color magic was seen as the way to revitalize the magic of the Yellow Dragon. Continue reading “Dragon Wars”

Someone Please Sit the EU Court Down for a Class in Internet

SlashDot Article
SlashDot Article

Would someone please set the EU down and give them a quick course in how the internet works? In spite of the fact that the internet, or at least the browser, was invented in Europe – At Cern right, by Tim Berners Lee? – the EU just does not get it.

So they think that they can make it a copyright violation to create links among pages without prior permission? Is this a backhanded way to continue the “protectionism” of the media industry in Europe? They have been fighting with Google for a couple of years now about Google News providing links to the media [read news papers] sites. So this sounds like a back handed way to prop up that nonsense.

Here’s the original article, again I’m violating copyright – in the minds of the EU court by doing this.

When will the EU courts get off their high horse long enough to understand the technology and listen to a wider audience ? We all know that when Google stopped linking to the new media sites, their traffic dropped by 40 %, so then they tried to say that Google Must link to their sites, and Must Pay for the privilege. Sounds to me like these media companies are in trouble, don’t want to work for an honest living and so cry to the EU court to have the internet companies are are making it in the new world subsidize the continued existence.

What nonsense. Just my humble opinion. – ww