My Bio

After a decade in Silicon Valley, I arrived in Coos Bay, Oregon in November 2004, to be far from the bustle and close to the ocean. I am in Charleston, the fishing village, minutes from Cape Arago beaches and overlooks.

Update: I’m retired, but keeping my hand in with building PCs, Keeping up with the latest in Linux Distros and Photography and Video editing. Also I’m playing lots of video games. I’ll leave the following for historical interest.

I continue to consult in software, video and photography as jobs are available, here in Oregon.

Since moving to Oregon, I’m keeping up with web and video technology as well as operating a consulting business doing:

  • Second Life Building, scripting and business consulting.
  • Video and DVD production.
  • Digital Photography Consulting.
  • Software development in C / C++ on both Windows and SUSE Linux.
  • Installation and update of software for Windows XP, VISTA and SUSE Linux.
  • Computer needs and purchase assessments .
  • Web site production using OpenSource solutions based on php, MySQL and various hosting services.
  • Photography of both nature and models.

It has been a long voyage to get here.

Born and grew up in West Virginia. Graduated in 1973 with BA in Computer Science from West Virginia University.

While in college I worked at the Medical Center programming Digital PDP-8 and PDP-12 instrument computers. Put myself through college that way. Continued to work at Medical Center for 2 years, much of this time on a PDP-11 computer.

Two years programming a graphics and lab data collection system at University of Florida in Gainesville Fla and then I went to Maynard Mass to join Digital Equipment Corporation [DEC] in the small systems software group. And after than transferred to several groups at Digital over the next 15 years. Worked in the VMS group on networking, the architecture group and business processing applications.

In 1991, I transferred to a field job for DEC and consulted for a while at a company converting a large application from DEC VMS proprietary interfaces to POSIX. And after about 18 months, I left DEC to work for some startup companies. After several smaller companies, and a year as an independent consultant working in the area of video processing, among other things, I joined Echelon in 1998 for 5 years.
At Echelon I worked on IP protocols and network routers between LonTalk and IP protocols. I finished there with a couple of years helping design their energy management systems.

After leaving Echelon in the fall of 2003, I spent a year consulting for a couple of small firms before moving to Coos Bay, Oregon in fall 2004.