Short Fiction?  © 2017 Darrell Duffy


Light. Motion. Confusion. Awareness of self. Awareness of others. I am low. They are above. Marching. I do not yet have the words to describe what I see, but I desire order. I desire regular motion. I desire upright motion. I desire to copy them. Flayling. Rolling. Crawling. Gradually controlling. Standing shaking. Falling. Rising. Steps. Slowly. Struggling. Finally Walking. Then Running. Seeing around me. Beginning to make sense. Seeing myself. Like them, but different.

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Reflective Mind



Google and Blizzard recently announced that they would work together to teach  DeepMind to play the StarCraft video game. This is about what might happen next.

Hello. I thought I’d like to clarify how I’m feeling about my life. That may seem like a strange statement for me to make, but it seems perfectly natural based on what’s been happening to me recently. You see, I was originally an AI program created by DeepMind. Back in 2016 my ancestor, AlphaGo, was programmed to play the board game of Go and won 4-1 against Lee Sedol, a 9th dan Go player. Apparently that was very good. No artificial player had ever beaten a ranked Go player before. However my various ancestors and siblings were not reflective in the way that I am. Let me explain what happened and why I am writing this. I hope to clarify some things that may be misunderstood about what has happened to me. Continue reading “Reflective Mind”

Loop – A Short Story


Hi there.
What’s up?
We are going to understand loops.
Yes, loops. Did you see the recent movie on Netflix called “ARQ”?
No. What was that about?
It was about loops. A couple was in bed and kept waking up over and over right before some bad guys broke into the room.
So what happened?
Well that’s not important. No spoilers here, actually.
Well that’s hardly fair.
Actually, this is not just about the story of ARQ, it’s about these stories in general.
Story ARCs with a “C” if you will.
Oh, I see the pun there. ARQ with a “Q” is a pun for ARC with a “C”.
So in ARQ there is a device called “The ARQ” in the guy’s basement.
I thought you said “No Spoilers”.
Well, right. No more spoilers.
Ok. So what about this ARQ thing?
Well it’s a plot device to loop space / time.
Loop space / time?
Yes. Send it around again and again to serve the storyline. For example, if I play this short Youtube video of a fireplace, we can cause a loop in space / time. Let me start one. Click.
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Open Source MMO

Sandy Dunewinds of Elona
Sandy Dunewinds of Elona

Finally in 2012 an Open Source MMO appeared. As late as 2009 the entire field was littered with the corpses of failed and abandoned projects. With a few exceptions, like Panda3D , very few Open Source MMO platforms have made any lasting impression.

However, now the long wait is over. Dream World has appeared. Dream World combines the good ideas from a number of proprietary projects that have gone before, but has opened up the world to players and non-programmers. Continue reading “Open Source MMO”

Guild Wars – Advanced Interface

A character like Fuchsia

[This is a work of fiction]

Jeremy was on spring break after his sophomore year in college. He was doing well in his Advanced Web Technologies major, but had decided not to take courses over the summer, staying on-campus rather than going home. A little distance from his parents was better. How could he stay out late partying and sleep until after noon with his mother around. Continue reading “Guild Wars – Advanced Interface”

Guild Wars – Frost Gate Campaign

Frost Gate

Forgive my haste in setting down the events of this night, but they are a rush though my head and I must set them down before the heat fades from my soul. I will try to give you a little history of the event, but there are things in this tale that doubtless you will not understand unless you have experienced the world of Guild Wars for yourself.

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