Site Header Change

Time for a cosmetic change to the site. The Tera header has been up for a long time, and it’s no longer very interesting. Tera has changed so much in recent years that it’s not very interesting these days. So here are a few headers from Final Fantasy XIV and Guild Wars 2. I’ve set them to appear randomly.

Here’s the previous Tera banner in case you missed it.

May you continue to walk in the light of the Crystal.

Test Post

Paragraph: This post is to test all the blocks to make sure the theme is working. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean at tellus orci. Vivamus lacus mi, rutrum ac enim ac, fringilla posuere massa. Vivamus egestas diam eget felis blandit, vitae volutpat mi ullamcorper. Nulla at enim sit amet nunc scelerisque egestas.

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Theme Change

Yep. We changed the theme. Turns out that the other theme was “Deprecated” recently. It had problems anyway. The thing I noticed was that the background was not a solid color, but rather it was a pattern.

This theme is not perfect, but it’s better in some ways. I resurrected an old Youtube title image and resized it for the header. Odd that the theme decided to cut the image in half though, don’t you think? Here’s the whole picture that I made for Youtube a while ago:

Do you recognize the place where this was taken? The towers in the background?

Somewhere in Westonia

Anyway. Times change.

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Theme updated to Nebula 3.0

I updated the theme to Nebula 3.0 by Gx3. I was using a previous modified version of the same theme before. The new theme has some advantages like the expandable sections. Still not widget savvy though apparently. I need to update this theme to support the series plugin.


– windy

Site Upgraded to Latest WordPress

I’ve just upgraded WordPress on my site to the latest. If you notice any problems, please let me know at djduffy at Windyweather dot net.

There are many advantages, including better management pages and many other enhancements. Also I look forward to “automatic upgrades” which are supported in recent releases. As I installed this upgrade, I automatically upgraded several of the plug-ins whose sites support this automatic upgrade feature.

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