Guild Wars – Adventures in the Charr Homelands

Jora , the other heroes and I have been adventuring in the Charr Homelands and helping Gwen to defeat the Charr. Along the way, we have fought hard and long to gain he assistance of Pyre Fieceshot, a Charr ranger who has taken our side in this battle. Since Pyre is much like a wolf himself and a ranger, we decided that he should have a fitting companion, and so we tamed a black wolf for him.

Here is a family portrait with Jora, her Snow Wolf and Pyre and his new black wolf. His wolf is smaller since it is still young at only level 5. Jora’s wolf is already level 17 and growing fast.

In other news, we all worked together killing Charr, Mantids and Skale in Dalada Uplands. Along the way we captured a Siege Devourer, which you have heard about in my previous letters from here. As we ravaged the countryside with the help of the Siege Devourer, we came across a boss called Molotov Rocktail and with the help of the SD, we defeated him. Here are the photos of the event:

Meeting Molotov Rocktail.

After defeating Molotov Rocktail.

As you can see, Molotov was as large as the Siege Devourer we used to defeat him. This would have been a very hard task indeed had it not been for the power of the Siege Devourer.

That’s all for now from the Charr Homelands.

May Dwayna bless your adventures,

– Windy Flayer