2Moons Accounts Resurrected at GameHi

Dekaron at GameHi

Remember when 2Moons shutdown with no notice?

Well, it turns out that the accounts were saved. You can transfer the characters to new accounts at GameHi. So they apparently saved the database, and now Dekaron [and the other game] at GameHi, are Free to Play. Surprise Surprise. At the time that 2Moons was released, I understood that Dekaron – which was popular in Korea – was a subscription game, which is why Acclaim’s FTP version was IP checked for US only IP addresses.

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2Moons – Global Extinction Event

WindyFlayer level 71 Helm
WindyFlayer level 71 Helm

On 26 August 2010, the planet of 2Moons was hit with a comet and all life was extinguished. The event was unforeseen. Since astronomy is not a popular endeavor in 2Moons, because folks are too busy with the grind of leveling up, nobody saw the comet coming until the planet had been hit and was completely destroyed.

There are rumors that the neighboring planet of Playdom, maker of those lousy little browser based time wasters in Facebook and Twitter, actually steered the comet toward the world of 2Moons, but this is only a rumor.

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2Moons Merry Christmas at Level 72

DemonSpear with Christmas Hat
Demon Spear

We are all level 72, or more for Christmas. Some of us are wearing our Christmas hats. At level 72 we all get to wear those new helms we killed the bosses in Castor and Norak to get and we all have new weapons.

We have included a gallery of our latest photos with this Christmas Card.

To work up from level 68 to level 72 has taken about a day and a half for each of us. We started doing the quests and hunting in Crespo and then at about level 70 we were able to move to Draco Desert and do the quests there. There are two types of quests, the normal quests and the Commission Quests. Commission quests are purchased at a special commission center. Continue reading “2Moons Merry Christmas at Level 72”

Christmas in 2Moons and The Agency

Christmas in Loa Castle
Christmas in Loa Castle

Hi, Demon Flayer here. I’m a younger brother of many of the folks you’ve seen before, and as such I’m often given the task of selling things that my other siblings find along the way. But that’s a small annoyance compared with the large advantage of getting the hand-me-down armor and weapons from my older brother Windy Flayer.

As you can see, 2Moons has been decorated for Christmas. The main towns of Loa and Braiken have trees and Santa. I’ve not checked yet but Parca Temple usually has a tree outside on the walkway too. Last year they left that tree up until July as I recall. But Heiharp is a cold and snowy place, so the tree seemed right at home in the cold weather.

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We Have Reached Level 68

Demon Spear
Demon Spear

I am Demon Spear, an Aloken. I’m writing this to let you all know that my brothers and sisters and I have all reached level 68 here in the world of 2Moons. It has been a long road to get here, and we have far to go, but by helping each other with loot, and sometimes DIL, and by working with other folks here in parties, we have been able to progress to level 68 which gives us our new armor and a new weapon at level 66.

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Sandy and WindyLancer Progress

Closeup of Sandy
Closeup of Sandy

Whew, we made it. It was quite a struggle to get to level 67 and my new armor. I’ve tried several places to work, but Castor Cave L2 has been the most productive. I worked some at Crespo but this often took too many pots. I quckly found that Draco Desert did not work well. While I can get a lot of Exp from the monsters there, one mistep and I’m dead and the pot cost is very high. I have had the best progress in Castor Cave working the sections with Algols.

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I am Aloken – DemonSpear

Hello, my name is DemonSpear and I am Aloken, the Spear Warrior class that is new to Dekaron and now 2Moons.

Level 36
Level 36

On September 24, 2Moons went down for a day to do the upgrade that allowed me and my sisters to come to America and Europe from Korea where my kind have been playing in Dekaron. At the same time the servers were reorganized. This had the effect of moving eight servers to four, so things have been quite a bit more crowded recently. Many high level players have been helping my sisters to level up, but I have worked mostly by myself. I had some great help from my brothers and sisters to get powerful stones for my armor and weapons and DIL to allow me to upgrade my equipment.

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2Moons – Level 60

We have all reached Level 60. Here are some recent family portraits:

Windy Flayer here. It was pretty easy for me to level up to 60. Using Brandish, a dual weapon skill, I was able to kill the Monsters of Crespo and level fairly quickly. I look forward to working to higher levels at Crespo. While Crespo is a good place to level up, it’s not that good a place to hunt for stones to fortify armor and weapons, so I often take sorties to other areas to harvest stones from Akris.

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