A Ritualist and April Fool

Seitung Armor 45 rating
Seitung Armor in Green

My name is Windy Summoner. I was born on April 1st, 2010 on Shing Jea Island and began my training with Master Togo. My mission was to train to level 20 in Kaineng City and then emigrate to Elona to assist the Sunspears with the battle to save Elona from Night Fall. As a Ritualist I control the spirits of nature to help in my battles.

My weaker Seitung Armor was green in keeping with the forest colors of the island. But shortly after moving to the City, I found that Seitung armor was way too expensive since it required 32 Monstrous Claws which were 1800G each. This meant that my armor would have cost well over 40P [40,000G]. I was able to obtain Canthan maximum strength armor for 5P [5000G] and decided it should be purple. The market price for Monstrous Claws seemed very unusual.

After moving to Elona, I returned to Kaineng City and obtained a set of Imperial Armor and now wear a mixed outfit from the two sets. I prefer the boots and jacket of the Imperial set, and the gloves and kilt of the Canthan set. The Imperial jacket and boots are more formal, while the kilt of the Canthan set is cooler in the hot climate of Elona. When I visit the Far Shiverpeaks of the Eye of the North, I prefer the complete Imperial set.

Imperial Armor set
Imperial Armor in Elona

This is the Imperial armor set. Looks hot don’t you think?

I like the formal shoulder piece on the Imperial set and the boots look a lot more formal and more masculine.

Mixed Set

Here”s the mixed set that I’m wearing now.

Here are some more snapshots I’ve taken recently.

Notice my pet tiger who is now at level 20 and quite powerful.