Loop – A Short Story


Hi there.
What’s up?
We are going to understand loops.
Yes, loops. Did you see the recent movie on Netflix called “ARQ”?
No. What was that about?
It was about loops. A couple was in bed and kept waking up over and over right before some bad guys broke into the room.
So what happened?
Well that’s not important. No spoilers here, actually.
Well that’s hardly fair.
Actually, this is not just about the story of ARQ, it’s about these stories in general.
Story ARCs with a “C” if you will.
Oh, I see the pun there. ARQ with a “Q” is a pun for ARC with a “C”.
So in ARQ there is a device called “The ARQ” in the guy’s basement.
I thought you said “No Spoilers”.
Well, right. No more spoilers.
Ok. So what about this ARQ thing?
Well it’s a plot device to loop space / time.
Loop space / time?
Yes. Send it around again and again to serve the storyline. For example, if I play this short Youtube video of a fireplace, we can cause a loop in space / time. Let me start one. Click.
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Barsoom Series for Kindle

Early Barsoom Cover

Way back in 1998 I bought a Rocket Ebook. At the time my idea was to not only read books, but to convert other content like magazine articles to the ebook. I was successful and also converted a set of books that I wanted to read: The Barsoom Series by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

I have purchased a Kindle Touch – which will arrive in late November – so I’m investigating the Kindle Ecosystem using the Kindle for PC app. Originally I recall getting the text files for the books from project Gutenberg and converting them to the Rocket ebook format which was a variant of HTML. After going back to Project Gutenberg I found some of the books, but I then found a better set of editions at FeedBooks.

I also found a series of “Gender Switch” books written by Edna Rice Burroughs. Those look like they might be fun as well.

I got all the Barsoom series on the Kindle for PC, although I don’t see a way to Archive them directly. I’m sure there will be a way to get them into my kindle when it arrives. I’ve seen a note that indicates that you can connect the kindle to USB and then simply copy books to it. If I can find a Mobi format converter, then I can make my own content for kindle. I’m sure there is one out there.

More later,

– ww