All DoH / DoL Jobs 50+


All DoH / DoL jobs are 50 or above now. And I crafted a new set of DoH gear. But there did not seem to be a set of DoL gear to craft, so I bought a set in Ishgard. There are some crafting pieces, but each are job specific and I don’t want to fill the Armory. I’m buying Green Level 50 main hand tool from my Grand Company for seals and crafting the Off Hand tools. Most of the leveling has come from the Once a Day Grand Company Supply and Provisioning turn-ins, which have given plenty of seals for the Main Hand Tools. The Grand Company clothing pieces are all job specific which will fill up the Armory, so I’m sticking with Generic sets.

Here’s the DoL set I found in Ishgard.

FFXIV Archaeoskin Gathering Set.png

Interesting Crafting Log Feature

There is an interesting Crafting Log feature that displays a recipe tree and a list of base materials.


A Level 50 Rank S Elite Mark

While out farming Electrum, I ran across a level 50 Rank S Elite Monster, and when others showed up, I switched to my Level 80 Gunbreaker and we took it down. It took about a half dozen of us to take it down. Apparently this Rank S mark is the most powerful Rank in ARR, so I guess that’s why it is so rare and powerful. As an 80 GNB, I was never really taking damage, but I was not doing much damage either. It took about 5 minutes for us to take it down based on looking at the Time Stamps on the screenshots before and after the fight.

May you walk in the light of the Crystal.