Shadowbringers Complete

After grinding crafting for three weeks or so, I took another approach to finish Shadowbringers. With Red Mage, finishing the Role quests, and then picking up “Weathered” ilvl 430 gear from Grenoldt in The Tempest. This gear is available for free for each role once you finish the Role Quests at level 80. The Red Mage final solo duty was not that hard to complete on the average ilvl 409 gear set at the time. The Duty Finder waits on the final two duties to complete Shadowbringers was about 20 minutes each on a DPS job, but the review before hand of the MTQCapture guides on youtube were quite a lot of help.

Red Mage in Eulmore

I’ll be leveling my White Mage job to 80, completing her Role quests and then grinding some Goetia Tomestones for gear. The Any purchases with Goetia stones is gated on completing Shadowbringers so now that’s out of the way.

The Ronkan Caster Gear from Goetia stones is awful looking. But I guess that’s what glamour is for. The healer gear is the same with a slightly different tan tone. I’ve not bothered to check out the other gear sets.

Ronkan Caster Gear.jpg
Ronkan Caster Gear

So between and after trips to the Roulette, it’s back to crafting.

May you walk in the Light of the Crystal.