Elin Gunners are Fun Too

The Elin Gunner was released Nov 2017, and I logged in and made one, but didn’t finish leveling it to 65. You know, been busy with FFXIV. So now that I have my male Brawler up to 65, I’m spending evenings leveling the Gunner.

Once you reach level 59, you head to the Tirkai Forest to fight the Argons. You’ve seen them as you’ve leveled, but this is the first time you see what devastation they bring to the land as they invade. The whole area has a creepy blue glow and is covered with their growing pollution.

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Made It To 60

Charlie Nash, named after a Street Fighter character as I’ve said, has now made it to 60. So he’s started the climb to 65 in Savage Reach.

Above are some of the armors I’ve had along the way starting at about level 36 and continuing to the last one at level 60 as I’m ready to board the Airship for the new area. Notice how the previous armor looks a lot better than the new, much more powerful level 60 armor. It’s a Style Reset if you will, in preparation for the new climb to better things in the end-game. More later, but I digress.

To get to level 60, I’ve followed the Story quests with a few dungeons along the way. Near the end, the wait times for the Dungeons near Habere were not worth the wait, so I moved onto Pathfinder Post even though I was 58 and the quest was marked 59. Of course that was no problem for the still overpowered Brawler class.

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Elin Gunner – Best Name

Elin Gunner was released back in Nov 2017 and I made one at the time on one of my accounts. But last night as I was logging into my accounts to accept the free slots for making Male Brawlers, I came across an account which still had an Elin Gunner Reward box waiting in Item Claim. So I made an Elin Gunner just to claim the box.

I’ve always liked the name Vanellope for an Elin character name, and I have a couple of characters with that name on my various accounts. But then I looked her up and it sure looks like her name was designed for a gunner. I’m surprised that nobody on the server had already taken the name, it was so obvious: Vanellope.Von.Shootz

And I had a pile of Fashion Coupons on the account too. Fashion Coupons used to be a thing. Used to be that each day you would login and get Fed Bills, 5 as I recall, and then you could change them for Fashion Coupons. And FCs would drop at a decent rate from World Bosses and in Dungeons. But Fed Bills are gone, and the drop rate for FCs has been reduced as far as I can figure. Anyway, here’s an out of date site with Elin FC fashion costumes.

Anyway, I got her a sweet armor and gun costume with only about 1/2 of the FCs that I had on the account. Rock On!

Anyway, that’s why I don’t play Tera much anymore. It’s just a late night casual diversion for me now. They kept changing the rules too often:

  • Fed Bills came and went,
  • Fashion Coupon drop rates came and went.
  • PVP Corsair’s Stronghold used to be available at level 30 and rewarded some sweet black armor costumes for a few runs. Now it requires a much higher level. CS was an auto leveled experience where everyone was given the same level 65 gear regardless of level, so everyone could play. It was fun and rewarding. But now no point.
  • Private Guild Banks were nerfed by requiring high stats for the Guild to have a bank – Blaaaah, and
  • The number of accounts you could log in per day went from 10 to 6. What’s up with that? Seriously?

Anyway, I’m not going to spend anymore money on a game that keeps changing the rules I care about.


Human Male Brawler Released

Another race/class combination has just been released for Tera – Human Male Brawler. As you may remember, Brawler was introduced as a Human Female only in keeping with the recent Gender Locked classes starting with Elin as Reaper. A few weeks ago we had an Elin Gunner released.

This practice of Gender Locking classes in Tera stands in stark contrast to Final Fantasy XIV where all races can play all classes – actually each and every character of any race can play all the classes and all the professions. In Tera of course, like most MMOs, you chose your class when you create your character and that’s it.

I started a new Brawler this evening named Charlie Nash after a Street Fighter character. Surprisingly, the Street Fighter character names are available in Tera. I would have guessed that folks would jump on those names for Brawler characters.

So if you’ve been waiting in Tera to be tough guy, now’s your chance.


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Where are the Smart Bosses?

[I don’t have pictures from the Antorus fight, but here are some pictures from Dungeons I’ve played in Wow. ] I saw this article in PC Gamer today.

It sounds like he must have been wearing a diaper, but never the less, that’s a lot of work.

In World of Warcraft, players are often willing to go to extremes just to say they’ve done it. Some might spend all their time grinding out hard to get achievements while others will run a raid boss hundreds of times in hopes of getting some rare loot. But Rextroy is of a higher caliber. He beat the first raid boss of Antorus, The Burning Throne all by himself—and it only took him a measly eight hours. His reward? I’m not sure exactly. Bragging rights? I guess?

You can watch the whole video here. It’s been compressed to about 13 minutes. You may want to watch the first few minutes and then skip to near the end to see him hiding in the pool to avoid the huge AOE attack that is supposed to challenge a Raid group of 10-15 players.

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New Elin Gunner

During the Introduction Event you get a 14 day pink costume and gun skin. Here are some examples of early armor. Looks a lot like the Castanic / High Elf skins we are used to.

Don’t worry, she’s overpowered like previous gunners.

I usually run around on my mount to round up some mobs and then blow them all away with Burst Fire, which gets charged up as you kill the mobs.

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Ok. I admit Mystic is Overpowered

Elin Mystic

Ok. Ok. While she certainly doesn’t look it, I admit that the recent changes to the Mystic don’t reduce the ability to solo level. In fact, it appears that, at least in levels from 1 – 40, the Mystic is now Over Powered like the other classes in Tera.

One of the ways that I judge being over powered is to take on a BAM – Big Ahem Monster – at the same level and see if I can solo it. When Ninja came out we were shocked at how over powered it was. And then Gunner came out and it was Over Powered. And then Valkyrie came out and we saw the pattern. The recent changes to mystic, while changing things around quite a lot, actually make the class more powerful than it was. And it was fine before.

The Thrall of Vengeance – while it operates like a totem, and looks like something from the Ghostbusters movie, actually has a lot more aggro and health than it did before. So if you give it a couple of glyphs to increase power and length of time it survives it’s quite a good BAM killer. I actually used it to solo a BAM all by itself at 32. You might have to drop another one during the fight, but the cool down is short enough that this is no problem.

The Thrall of Wrath has been Nerfed a little at these levels. While it is a good opener for a BAM, it’s not powerful enough to finish off a BAM the way it used to be.

Here are some BAM fights I’ve done.

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Mystics er Warlocks Done Right


Ok. So it’s Wow’s 13th Anniversary and we got glasses and a XP Buff with a nice Tabard for the rest of the month.

Last time we talked about how Tera changed the Mystic skills sometime around May 2017 when I wasn’t playing. And they basically messed up leveling by removing the tank pet which used to arrive at level 4 and delayed it until level 50. Update: See at the end

Well let’s take a look at the Wow Warlock, which is essentially the same class as Tera Mystic.


Notice you get a Summon Imp spell – which is a ranged DPS pet that follows you around – at level 5. This is not a totem that is fixed in place for a limited time, but a pet that does not time out, follows you around and attacks what you attack. You get control of it – Move it, Passify it, Sick it on a target, etc. – at level 10. You get the Voidwalker, which is the tank pet, at level 20. There are lots more pets, some of them are higher level talents, which means you get choices about which ones etc.

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