Elin Gunner – Best Name

Elin Gunner was released back in Nov 2017 and I made one at the time on one of my accounts. But last night as I was logging into my accounts to accept the free slots for making Male Brawlers, I came across an account which still had an Elin Gunner Reward box waiting in Item Claim. So I made an Elin Gunner just to claim the box.

I’ve always liked the name Vanellope for an Elin character name, and I have a couple of characters with that name on my various accounts. But then I looked her up and it sure looks like her name was designed for a gunner. I’m surprised that nobody on the server had already taken the name, it was so obvious: Vanellope.Von.Shootz

And I had a pile of Fashion Coupons on the account too. Fashion Coupons used to be a thing. Used to be that each day you would login and get Fed Bills, 5 as I recall, and then you could change them for Fashion Coupons. And FCs would drop at a decent rate from World Bosses and in Dungeons. But Fed Bills are gone, and the drop rate for FCs has been reduced as far as I can figure. Anyway, here’s an out of date site with Elin FC fashion costumes.

Anyway, I got her a sweet armor and gun costume with only about 1/2 of the FCs that I had on the account. Rock On!

Anyway, that’s why I don’t play Tera much anymore. It’s just a late night casual diversion for me now. They kept changing the rules too often:

  • Fed Bills came and went,
  • Fashion Coupon drop rates came and went.
  • PVP Corsair’s Stronghold used to be available at level 30 and rewarded some sweet black armor costumes for a few runs. Now it requires a much higher level. CS was an auto leveled experience where everyone was given the same level 65 gear regardless of level, so everyone could play. It was fun and rewarding. But now no point.
  • Private Guild Banks were nerfed by requiring high stats for the Guild to have a bank – Blaaaah, and
  • The number of accounts you could log in per day went from 10 to 6. What’s up with that? Seriously?

Anyway, I’m not going to spend anymore money on a game that keeps changing the rules I care about.