Made It To 60

Charlie Nash, named after a Street Fighter character as I’ve said, has now made it to 60. So he’s started the climb to 65 in Savage Reach.

Above are some of the armors I’ve had along the way starting at about level 36 and continuing to the last one at level 60 as I’m ready to board the Airship for the new area. Notice how the previous armor looks a lot better than the new, much more powerful level 60 armor. It’s a Style Reset if you will, in preparation for the new climb to better things in the end-game. More later, but I digress.

To get to level 60, I’ve followed the Story quests with a few dungeons along the way. Near the end, the wait times for the Dungeons near Habere were not worth the wait, so I moved onto Pathfinder Post even though I was 58 and the quest was marked 59. Of course that was no problem for the still overpowered Brawler class.

Here’s where I ended up:

After finishing the quests near Pathfinder Post, I moved on to Zulfikar Fortress and the Khanovar Front against the Argons. Ancient history now, and most folks, if they are using the 100% XP boosts, never even see this area these days. In the past I reached 60 at the end of the Triple Tower quest chain outside Pathfinder Post. Alas, this time I was using some 50% boosts along the way, so I actually got to do a few quests here. The last quest I did here was a little shoot-em-down using a siege cannon for the blacksmith from near Habere. Remember him? If you’re a little behind you might get to do the event with Kaia where she takes you into an instance to push back the Argon advance. That’s fun too.

So here’s an interesting thing. Since I don’t play Tera much, I’ve noticed that when I do log in, my characters, many of whom are sitting at level 65, get mail, or new quests to be handed new armor. A while ago apparently, the end-story Idoneal gear was replaced by a set that was much more powerful, like twice the stats of the previous set. Apparently they upped the requirements for the starting end-game dungeons and had to give starting players more powerful gear to deal with the dungeons. That new gear is a pain to equip since you need to R-click on each piece to set the stats for it since they are all “Enigmatic”. Sigh. Who knows what to choose. But I’m not going to play with it anyway, so who cares.

I’m not a fan of just grinding end-game dungeons, which is apparently all Tera has become past level 65. I have gone back to older areas and ground rep to say, get the panther mount, but with flying mounts these days, it’s hardly worth the weeks it takes to get all the reps. If they had up-graded the panther to fly, then it would be worth the grind.


Here’s something I’ve noticed at the transition to level 60: The gear takes a whopping stat jump just before you board the airship. In the few quests running up to boarding the airship, you are given a complete set of new gear – Armor anyway. On the airship you get your jewelry, and then you get a weapon via relics shortly after landing – er crashing. Notice the stat jump in this Airship gear:

The Hauberk alone goes from 2300 to 6500 defense. But the base stats for the weapon only goes from 4600 to 5100. Guess the mobs in the new area are not that bad.

One odd thing I’ve noticed, as before, the gear does require enchantment, but the armor does not consume Alkahests , only feedstock. The weapon does require Alkahests as well as feedstock. I had both that I collected from previous trips through the climb to 65, so I had plenty of both. Odd choice to tweak the requirements for Enchantment for this one area and gear set.

And as I start Savage Reach, the Brawler is as overpowered as always. It should be a short climb to 65.