Elin Gunners are Fun Too

The Elin Gunner was released Nov 2017, and I logged in and made one, but didn’t finish leveling it to 65. You know, been busy with FFXIV. So now that I have my male Brawler up to 65, I’m spending evenings leveling the Gunner.

Once you reach level 59, you head to the Tirkai Forest to fight the Argons. You’ve seen them as you’ve leveled, but this is the first time you see what devastation they bring to the land as they invade. The whole area has a creepy blue glow and is covered with their growing pollution.

The Raptor mount is Sparky, which any player can get by visiting all the cities and a few monuments. I’ve done it as low as level 12 – as soon as you get a horse to ride. But be careful since you do have to ride past some nasties as you visit those monuments. It’s much easier to get Sparky if you wait until you get a Village Atlas that allows you to transport everywhere for free. The leveling loot box drops it at about level 40 or so when there are a bunch of quests that take you back and forth between Allemanthea and Acarum in Westonia. So take a moment and use that Atlas to visit everywhere you need to get Sparky.

The sweet snow leopard mount is a gift for making an Elin Gunner during the introduction event. The box drops it at about level 40 I think. And it’s a permanent character mount.

I reached 60 in the triple towers, which is typical if you use an XP boost potion as you level. Now it’s off to Velika for the Airship quests to reach Savage Reach and the climb to 65.

Here is an example of the Wind-em-up-and-shoot-em-down strategy to kill things with the gunner. First you run around getting a pile of mobs to follow you, then you turn around and shoot them. Just open with Arcane Barrage and Scattershot to charge up your Willpower and then use Burst Fire since it recharges with hits and kills so as they come at you, your gun recharges as you shoot them. Unbeatable.

Dekaron Classes.jpg

I’ve used this kind of strategy from way back in the day of playing Dekaron in 2008. There, a lot of folks would “Follow” a stronger player in a train and the train would attract a lot of mobs – 3 or 4 for each member of the train – then the leader would stop and kill them all with a powerful skill. Nobody else would do anything. But everybody would get XP. You can still find some Dekaron private servers – with extreme enhanced XP gain – on the net. Of course they are free to play. I’ve played some of these in the past and they worked fine. But not for a couple of years. As you can see, gender locked classes and skimpy armor has been a thing for quite a while.

Once you are in Savage Reach, you can queue for Sabex Armory Dungeon and do Story quests  and Vanguard Requests while you wait. As you can see, the armor is nothing special. The Gun we’ve seen before too. I’ve always thought it looked like part of a Harley strapped to my back. But maybe that’s just me.

When you reach level 63, you can queue for Macellaris Catacombs, which gives better XP and gear. Make sure you are using any XP pots and Combat pots all the time while you are leveling.

These are a couple of the bosses from Sabex Armory. Sometimes I found myself with a couple of geared up level 65’s doing dungeon runs in Sabex and we tore through there on a speed run. Maybe there is some Achievement or something for 50 runs. I don’t know why they were slumming back in this dungeon since it is so easy. Same thing with some runs in Macellaris too. Sometimes you get noobs and the run is harder, so use a Crystal Bind if you have them to save those crystals in case you die.

See you in Highwatch.

Oh. That didn’t take long.

A couple of runs of Sabex and a couple of runs of Marcellarius and I’m done.

Get your new gear in Hightwatch, and your flying mount, and a featherlight potion to jump out of the balloon over the enemy camp and you are all set. Finish up the story quests just to clean them up and you are done.

Again the level 65 armor is nothing new at this point. Guess you have to grind dungeons or collect Fashion Coupons to get nice looking gear.