Godsfall – Not All That’s Promised


Tera just released an update that adds “Apex” skills – and flashy fireworks animations – to the end game for some classes. There are a few problems:

Only 7 out of the 13 Classes get new skills. Gee… Let’s PVP, and you have the new skills and I don’t. I’m toast. Presumably these new skills do more damage, not just have better fireworks.


Since the classes left out are largely those that have been left out for a long time, like Sorcerer and Archer, it’s no big deal. These classes have been disadvantaged for a long time so probably nobody plays them anymore anyway, so no biggie if their Apex skills are delayed for 6 months until the next update.

And if you have not kept up with your dungeon grinding, you can’t get the new skills anyway since to do the quest line, you must have an item level of 439, and the ilvl for the gear that you have given at the end of the 65 quest line is only 421.


There is some stuff about “Returning heroes” but that only applies “Once Per Account”, which totally leaves out Alta-Holics like me. I have 55 characters at level 65 spread across eight accounts.

I guess I’ll pass. I’m guessing that in a year or so when all this is old hat, they will upgrade the “Free” gear like they did before. About a year ago they gave a quest to everyone that was level 65 called “Fresh Arms and Legs” that updated your gear from the old “Idoneal” to the newer gear that was almost double the strength.


I don’t really feel like dungeon grinding 55 characters to get newer gear to get new skills.

Oh, and another thing. After not logging in for a while, I notice that many of the end game skills have changed. And so you have to buy new skills. And that costs Gold of course. about 1000 GOLD actually to buy those new skills just because they changed them.

Like I said. Whatever.

Back to FFXIV.