Human Male Brawler Released

Another race/class combination has just been released for Tera – Human Male Brawler. As you may remember, Brawler was introduced as a Human Female only in keeping with the recent Gender Locked classes starting with Elin as Reaper. A few weeks ago we had an Elin Gunner released.

This practice of Gender Locking classes in Tera stands in stark contrast to Final Fantasy XIV where all races can play all classes – actually each and every character of any race can play all the classes and all the professions. In Tera of course, like most MMOs, you chose your class when you create your character and that’s it.

I started a new Brawler this evening named Charlie Nash after a Street Fighter character. Surprisingly, the Street Fighter character names are available in Tera. I would have guessed that folks would jump on those names for Brawler characters.

So if you’ve been waiting in Tera to be tough guy, now’s your chance.


Here’s some more pics of armor as I level my Brawler:

Tera has made quite a few changes recently that increase the leveling speed and some other issues that make the game more interesting:

  • The quests around Cresentia have been streamlined. They are less confusing and lead you through the area more easily.
  • The Dungeon Bosses have been made quite a bit stronger. It was pretty much a slam dunk to kill the bosses in Bastion of Lok, for example. But it’s quite a challenge, even for a brawler with level 25 gear and crystals. Maybe I didn’t have as much help as I needed from the other folks. A few months ago, a brawler could pretty much carry the day through BoL, but no more. You need help from your DPS members to take the boss down. Looks like the bosses have at least 4X the HP they used to have.
  • The mobs out in the world are not stronger, and a Brawler at about 22-24 has no trouble taking the basilisks outside of Crecentia solo.
  • Level is very fast. By the time I got ready to do Celestial Hills – 21-25 – I was beyond it and ready to go to Popolion.
  • The map of Velika is now much nicer.
  • I’m sure there are many more changes that I’ll discover along the way.