I am Aloken – DemonSpear

Hello, my name is DemonSpear and I am Aloken, the Spear Warrior class that is new to Dekaron and now 2Moons.

Level 36
Level 36

On September 24, 2Moons went down for a day to do the upgrade that allowed me and my sisters to come to America and Europe from Korea where my kind have been playing in Dekaron. At the same time the servers were reorganized. This had the effect of moving eight servers to four, so things have been quite a bit more crowded recently. Many high level players have been helping my sisters to level up, but I have worked mostly by myself. I had some great help from my brothers and sisters to get powerful stones for my armor and weapons and DIL to allow me to upgrade my equipment.

With powerful equipment and armor I was able to reach level 24 in only one day. Today I’m at level 55, have my new weapon at level 54 and my new Violet Armor which is fully fortified with level 21 medials. I thought you might like to see my photos that I have taken along the way showing my armor and weapons. I am working to catch up with my brothers and sisters who are almost all working at level 68.

I’ll talk to you again when I make some more progress.

– DemonSpear