Christmas in 2Moons and The Agency

Christmas in Loa Castle
Christmas in Loa Castle

Hi, Demon Flayer here. I’m a younger brother of many of the folks you’ve seen before, and as such I’m often given the task of selling things that my other siblings find along the way. But that’s a small annoyance compared with the large advantage of getting the hand-me-down armor and weapons from my older brother Windy Flayer.

As you can see, 2Moons has been decorated for Christmas. The main towns of Loa and Braiken have trees and Santa. I’ve not checked yet but Parca Temple usually has a tree outside on the walkway too. Last year they left that tree up until July as I recall. But Heiharp is a cold and snowy place, so the tree seemed right at home in the cold weather.

Another new item has appeared with the recent release that helps me in my selling and will no doubt help you in your Holiday Shopping tasks. The Agency is a place where you can go to check prices or buy items that are for sale anywhere in 2Moons. In order to buy inside the agency you must carry a special amulet that is available from the store, but anyone can enter the agency and use it to check prices of items that are for sale.

Pricing Silver Argates
Pricing Silver Argates

Here is the price listing for Silver Argates, a popular and very powerful upgrade stone that high level players use to enhance their weapons and armor. As you can see, the items are easily sorted by price and by selecting the middle of the list, it is easy to determine the median selling price for the item.

I”ve included some other pictures of the agency.

Once you price your goods in your shop, then you must sit in the square and wait on passers-by to buy your items. Or of course, folks visiting the agency will see your goods in the lists sorted by category and can purchase directly in the agency. But while you sell, you can’t be doing anything else in 2Moons. It can get awfully boring sitting for hours waiting on those buyers I can tell you. You will notice only a few folks selling in the square. I usually sell in Asray rather than Kalibus. As you can see in the gallery, Kalibus is quite a mad house with all the sellers.

But there is plenty of time after the sales to kill monsters and do quests, and I get hints about the best places to hunt and the best quests from my older siblings.

May the five gods protect you,

Demon Flayer