2Moons – Global Extinction Event

WindyFlayer level 71 Helm
WindyFlayer level 71 Helm

On 26 August 2010, the planet of 2Moons was hit with a comet and all life was extinguished. The event was unforeseen. Since astronomy is not a popular endeavor in 2Moons, because folks are too busy with the grind of leveling up, nobody saw the comet coming until the planet had been hit and was completely destroyed.

There are rumors that the neighboring planet of Playdom, maker of those lousy little browser based time wasters in Facebook and Twitter, actually steered the comet toward the world of 2Moons, but this is only a rumor.

The only information available is as follows:

We regret to inform you that all Acclaim games will no longer be in service effective August 26, 2010


* Any unused Acclaim Coins can be reimbursed by emailing transition@acclaim.com (please include your Acclaim username).
* Must be from the email address used to register your account so we can verify your identity.
* 9Dragons players only:  We will refund any purchases made within the last 30 days.

Doesn’t it seem like fraud to make me send an email. These folks have my email and know my coin balance, so it seems more reasonable for them to send me an email requesting how I would like my balance paid. Since the site is totally down there is no way to check my coin balance.

Another site reports something to do with purchase of Acclaim, which was the empire that administered the world of 2Moons, but it hardly seems reasonable to destroy a whole planet over some minor financial transaction.

Playdom has purchased Acclaim and shut down, quite abruptly, all the Acclaim games, including the one that I played, 2Moons.

I had a dozen or so family members [ characters ] on the 2Moons planet, and while I have not visited them much recently, I did enjoy occasionally checking in on them. May all the occupants of 2Moons rest in peace and may the gods bless their passing. Ce La Vie.

All we have left are the pictures.