2Moons Accounts Resurrected at GameHi

Dekaron at GameHi

Remember when 2Moons shutdown with no notice?

Well, it turns out that the accounts were saved. You can transfer the characters to new accounts at GameHi. So they apparently saved the database, and now Dekaron [and the other game] at GameHi, are Free to Play. Surprise Surprise. At the time that 2Moons was released, I understood that Dekaron – which was popular in Korea – was a subscription game, which is why Acclaim’s FTP version was IP checked for US only IP addresses.

Looks like the GameHi folks are on the FTP bandwagon, and I’ve transferred my accounts and hope to find out in a few minutes whether all the characters were saved.

I don’t think this is going to be a place I spend a lot of time, since the private servers allow leveling much faster. Also there was a lot of griefing [bullying in game] in 2Moons, and it may be the same in GameHi’s version. We’ll check it out tho.

My only question is going to be what if the character names for my characters are not unique? Will a popup when I log in allow me to change them, or will they just modify them to make them unique in some way? We’ll see.

Update: All character names are unchanged. So it looks like they transferred the Acclaim database to GameHI and started from there, and left the characters saved and dormant awaiting our return. The servers have the same name I notice: Siz and Helion.


– windy