2Moons Merry Christmas at Level 72

DemonSpear with Christmas Hat
Demon Spear

We are all level 72, or more for Christmas. Some of us are wearing our Christmas hats. At level 72 we all get to wear those new helms we killed the bosses in Castor and Norak to get and we all have new weapons.

We have included a gallery of our latest photos with this Christmas Card.

To work up from level 68 to level 72 has taken about a day and a half for each of us. We started doing the quests and hunting in Crespo and then at about level 70 we were able to move to Draco Desert and do the quests there. There are two types of quests, the normal quests and the Commission Quests. Commission quests are purchased at a special commission center.

The commission center for Crespo is in Parca Temple and of the several quests the two that were interesting were the ones to hunt Kolaiger and Clay. There were other quests to hunt Ellipse and Elaiden. These monsters are quite powerful and it takes a long time to kill each one. So the first day for each of us was taken up with working in Crespo to reach level 70.

While we could have gone to Draco Desert at level 65, we found that it was best to reach level 69 or 70 before going to Draco. There are a few quests to accomplish there, but the best quests are again the commission quests to hunt Altar. These quests pay high numbers of experience points and are quickly accomplished if one works in parties of 2 or more members. The women warriors among us found that we could more easily attract party members or join parties. “Level 70 Spear Party Girl looking for a Good time” was a line that worked best for me. But many players realized that since everyone got credit for all the kills, that partying is the way to go in Draco.

There is a rise in bullying in Crespo and Draco. High level players stand around and fight among themselves near the Merchant NPC and Commission Center and often beat up on lower level players. Or for some reason, players steal mobs of players that are working in the desert. It seems very silly since players can quickly level up by working together. Those that understand this progress rapidly. Although there are no Akris horses in Draco, the loot drops are good and prey plentiful. Another problem in Draco is the hackers that sweep through and steal all the prey. This reduces the prey for a time, but by chasing a hacker one can sometimes either steal their mob, steal their loot and often they leave the area since they don’t want to be photographed while they are hacking.

We have all made it to level 72 or above. VengefulBreeze, our summoner brother, has made it to level 74 where he has picked up two new skills. We’ll have a nice Christmas and get back to work progressing through the game with our new weapons and helms.

Have a happy holiday and may the five gods protect you,

DemonSpear, Aloken Warrior.