We Have Reached Level 68

Demon Spear
Demon Spear

I am Demon Spear, an Aloken. I’m writing this to let you all know that my brothers and sisters and I have all reached level 68 here in the world of 2Moons. It has been a long road to get here, and we have far to go, but by helping each other with loot, and sometimes DIL, and by working with other folks here in parties, we have been able to progress to level 68 which gives us our new armor and a new weapon at level 66.

Our little brother Windy Lancer is at level 56, but he is following  the path of the dual axes and is progressing rapidly. He will receive hand-me-down weapons from Windy Flayer and will be able to save his DIL for his wings at level 102.

We all look forward to working for our wings at level 102. That is the true reward for all of our hard work. While there are many levels beyond that, we all see obtaining our wings at a major step in our lives here.

Good luck to all of you and here is hoping that the five gods will protect you in your journeys.

– Demon Spear