2Moons – Level 60

We have all reached Level 60. Here are some recent family portraits:

Windy Flayer here. It was pretty easy for me to level up to 60. Using Brandish, a dual weapon skill, I was able to kill the Monsters of Crespo and level fairly quickly. I look forward to working to higher levels at Crespo. While Crespo is a good place to level up, it’s not that good a place to hunt for stones to fortify armor and weapons, so I often take sorties to other areas to harvest stones from Akris.

Hello there. I’m Windy Squall. I too have been able to work in Crespo. While I don’t kill as quickly as Flayer, I have amazing strength to resist attacks while I kill, so the Kolaiger elephants can’t kill me as I work to reduce them to dust with my repeated pounding. My powerfully fortified Phobia Gauntlets are ready to reduce Crespo monsters to bloody masses of flesh.

Hello, I’m Vengefull Breeze. As a summoner I have minions from the under-realm to assist me. In Crespo, Selaime and my fortified twinswords have helped me to vanquish the Kolaiger and Clay monsters as well as the weaker monsters of this area. I will continue to work this area for some time to reach higher levels.

As a Segnale, I have been working in Castor Cave killing Lasputin Knights and Valkrie. Crespo monsters are too strong for me to attack efficiently. I have good healing, strength enhancement skills and so I am very effective at helping a party.

Hello from Loa Castle. This is Sandy Dunewinds. As an Incar mage I have powerful skills but my killing rate and protection is not yet good enough to make efficient progress in Crespo. I’ve had the most luck working in Castor Cave killing Lasputin Knights and Valkrie. I hope soon to be strong enough to work in Crespo so that I can make faster progress. Leveling is long and painful work now, but soon I hope it will be better. I have a strong fortified Lenovare wand to use in my future work and strong armor, so I hope soon to be hunting in Crespo with my brethren.

Hi, Lady Stormwind here. As a Segita Hunter I have some amazing dagger skills and these have allowed me to hunt with my brothers in Crespo. Someday I’m sure that my bow and crossbow skills will be more powerful, but for now I’m content to kill with my Silent Killer and Rolling Attack skills using a well fortified dagger.