PhotoResizerQt – Simple Photo Resizer

Update: Update: Program fixed now. The problem was some plug-ins that process images. These DLLs were not supplied since the program finds them with a non-standard way if you have the Qt toolkit installed. The program and the installer is now fixed to install those plug-ins too.

Update: This program fails on Win XP Sp3. I’m investigating why this is, but it appears to be a bug in the QPixmap class of the Qt Library. I’ll fix the program as soon as possible. You can follow the discussion in this post.

Friends of mine have their digital cameras and need to resize their photos to send over email. All the programs I’ve found on the web are either too complicated with way too many options for a novice computer user or strange to use like the program that you rename to change the size of the photo and then drag and drop photos onto it to resize the photos. I have designed a very simple program to resize either one or several photos.

Resize a Photo

PhotoResizerQt is a simple program to resize one or several photos.
To resize a single photo, the program leads you through a set of steps
to open a photo, preview it, select a size from a list of typical sizes,
and then resize the photo. When a photo is resized a suffix is added
to the filename so that it is easy to find a file that has been
resized. A PhotoFile.jpg that has been resized to 800 pixels has the
filename of PhotoFilex800.jpg. The program is unwilling to resize any
photo with an xnnnn suffix.

Re-size a List

To resize a group of photos, choose all the photos from a folder.
The list of photos is displayed and they can each be previewed.
Photos that have already been resized are removed from the list and
a message in the status bar indicates that this has happened.

When previewing a photo, you may resize the window, or change the
setting of the Shrink to fit checkbox. When not shrinking the photo
the mouse will drag the photo around to easily examine it in the window.

When previewing a list of photos, click on a photo name in the list to
display that image. Drag the splitter between the list and the preview
to change the display.

You can find the program on Source Forge here:

PhotoResizerQt Project.

PhotoResizerQt Windows Installer.

Qt Toolkit – Development a Dream

The program took me less than two days to write. I used Qt Creator and the Qt Toolkit. The program is probably easily ported to Linux and I will be trying to do that soon. All the features that I need to build the easy to use Gui and the Image features including the bi-cubic resizer function are built into Qt. It was easy to build and integrate a custom Windows icon as well as other standard features that Windows expects. If you want to port the program to the mac, Qt is available there as well. The sources are provided on the Source Forge project site so I encourage you to port it to the mac and provide the changes back to the source forge project for all other users. The program is licensed under the GPL-3.