CoreHeaterQt Program

I recently wrote a program to test my new computer. I wanted to test the wattage range and cooling of the new processor so needed a program that would keep all the cores of the processor busy. The Core i7-950 is a 4 core processor with Hyper-Threading which means that there are a max of 8 threads. Since AMD provides server processors with up to 12 threads so the program has a maximum number threads of 32. I use the HWMonitor program to monitor temperatures and wattage if your processor supports it.

The program is written using the Qt toolkit, which allows it to be easily ported to Windows and Linux.

Program Dialog

To use the program:

  • Select the computation type: Integer, Real, Both.
  • Select the number of threads.
  • Select the array size. The arrays will be this size x 1024 x 1024.
  • Use Start to start the threads.
  • Use Stop to stop the threads.
  • Use Task Manager to see the size of the process grow when the threads are started.
  • Use Task Manager to see how many cores / threads are busy on your processor when the program is running.
  • Use the HWMonitor program to check the case, processor temperatures and wattages [if supported] as the program runs.

The program is licensed under GPL 3.

Downloads are on Source Forge.

We can discuss any issues you have with the program in the Source Forge Project Forums.

The link might change. If that does not work, try this: CoreHeaterQt project

MFC Version

An MFC version, with sources, also available under GPL 3 is here:



– Windy