PhotoResizerQt – Version 1.2

There’s a new release of PhotoResizerQt. The major change is a new PhotoOpenDialog that provides a preview of the photos. Here’s the original post.

PhotoOpenDialog with preview at 96 pixels

The preview image size can be changed to, 96, 128, or 256.

Preview at 256 pixels

The list of folders are saved in an INI file in the same folder with the other settings. Up to 24 of the last folders accessed are saved.

Folders are saved

Other features include:

  • At top left is a folder browse button to select folders.
  • Next is a green arrow button to remove a folder from the end of the current path.
  • Next is a selection for the size of the preview: 96, 128 or 256 pixels.
  • When the dialog opens, a preview is not immediately done on the folder since a preview might take a long time. Clicking Open will preview this folder.
  • Changing the folder at any time will update the preview.
  • As the preview occurs, the progress bar at the bottom of the dialog will update.
  • If the preview is taking longer than you would like, you can click Cancel to stop the preview and then choose another folder with either the dropdown list or the folder browse button. The dialog will not close if you use Cancel in this way.
  • Each time the dialog is closed, the list of up to 24 folders is stored in a settings file and restored the next time you open that dialog.
  • Each time a folder is accessed, it is moved to the top of the list so that the most recently used folders are near the top of the list.

You can find the new versions of the program here on


– Windy