QtSlidePlayer – Display Slides without Movies

QtSlidePlayer Shot Editor
QtSlidePlayer Shot Editor

I wanted to display images each with one or more pan / zoom shots. Both on Windows and Linux. I have a Zbox running Linux Mint that I use as a photo frame. As I looked around for programs, all of them created movies. I did a test with one of these programs and 5 slides took 2 minutes to render the 100MB video. This means that a slide show of 300 slides would take 5 hours to render a movie of 8GB. The images for this slide show are only about 200MB.

QtSlidePlayer allows building slide shows in a portable way and the program runs on either Windows or Linux. You can find the program at SourceForge.

List of Slides
List of Slides

Features Include

  • Add 100’s of slides.
  • Add any number of pan / zoom shots to each slide to highlight details.
  • Automatically fit one slide, or all the slides to the width of 16×9 aspect windows.
  • Set the defaults for the Transition to the next shot and the duration of each shot.
  • Conveniently add, reorder or remove slides at any time.
  • Display the slides in order or randomly.