PhotoResizerQt – Version 1.3 Released

The new release of PhotoResizerQt fixes a major bug and adds a lot of minor cleanup to the user interface.

Choose One Photo

Resizing Several Photos

Most changes were made to the multiple photo re-size tab.

Re-size Several Photos

The first thing apparent on the “Several Photos” screen is the progress bar. This is active during the resize operation and the Cancel button on the bottom left allows you to stop the process. This is similar to the using the cancel on the Photo Open dialog while it is refreshing the thumbnails.

On both pages you will see the photo name is now displayed above the preview.

Release Notes for V1.3

Here is the complete list of changes for V1.3.

  • (v) Display photo name above preview image to avoid confusion. 11-Jan-2011
  • (v) Filter resized photos out of the list in PhotoOpenDialog 11-Jan-2011
  • (v) Splitter can cover children. This is confusing. 11-Jan-2011
    Turn off Children Collapsible
  • (v) Report image sizes as W,H not H,W to be consistent with Windows. 11-Jan-2011
  • (v) Photo List text font size larger – 12pt. 11-Jan-2011
  • (v) Progress bar in photo list resize. 11-Jan-2011
  • (v) Crash if use open list twice. 11-Jan-2011
    Apparently QListWidget can never contain zero items after the first time. If so, an ASSERT fails in QList. So get around this by putting a dummy item in the list rather than removing all items from the list.
  • (v) Photo Open dialog initial message 11-Jan-2011
    “Use Open or select folder from pulldown list”
  • (v) Sort photo list after we fill it. 11-Jan-2011
  • (v) PhotoOpenDialog does not display all images 11-Jan-2011 Fixed bug introduced with crash fix.
  • (v) Update photo label as images are resizing. 11-Jan-2011
  • (v) Update the photo pixmap as images are resizing. 11-Jan-2011
  • (v) Allow cancel of resizing the list. 11-Jan-2011 Report number of images resized of canceled.
  • (v) Resize images if tab changed. 11-Jan-2011

If you have comments or bug reports, please post them on sourceforge in the Open Discussion Forum.