ImpressShowRunner Released

ImpressShowRunner is running well on both Windows 10 and Linux Mint 19.

Go here to get the Jar file.

Here is a complete description of the program and how to use it.

The program is distributed as a JAR file and requires Java SE 11 or later to run. OpenJDK 11 is built in to Linux Mint 19 and the normal windows SE release is currently Java 8.  This will not work to run the program since it was developed for the JDK 11 version of Java. Actually. Let me get back to you on that. I have JDK 14 installed on the system I use to test on Windows 10. I need to sort out these Java version numbers and confirm that the program works on Java 8. Are Java JDK versions different from the RunTime environment versions? Let’s see.

Installing Java on Windows

ImpressShowRunner will not run on Java 8, which is the default for Windows. The easiest way to get going on Windows is to install the more modern JDK 14 on Windows, go here. Choose the JDK 14 windows 64 installer .exe for a nicer install experience. I assume we all have x64 machines by this time.

I think it’s fairly silly that the default Java install for windows is Java 8. This was released in 2014.

Screenshot_2020-04-25 java 8 release date - Google Search.png

Ok. I get why Java 14 is not the default for Windows. But seriously? Can’t we at least be using Java 11?

Screenshot_2020-04-25 Java version history - Wikipedia.png

Ok. Well that’s how to run this on Windows.

Enhancements Planned

In some priority, the following work is planned.

  • Learn and Implement Java WindowBuilder Layout to allow the dialog to be resized.
  • Fix the problem that requires multiple clicks of Stop Shows.
  • Place an Icon on the window title bar, and other minor cleanup.