More Progress


More progress on the DoH / DoL front.

Several new methods turned up for gaining XP. Turning in Grand Company Delivery Missions gives an awesome amount of XP, but you have no control over what they want that day.


But I polished all these off pretty quickly and it jumped some of the jobs quite a bit.

Another helpful activity is Leves as I’ve suggested, but I found that outposts were not available to me for some reason, but after a little research, I found that there was a big list of activities back at Gridania for some of my jobs.

Carpentry and Leather working were today’s favorites with no work for the other jobs.

I finished up some of the easier Specialty Housing items and put them up for sale.

Some of these items require “Fine Wax” which is a drop from a chest in the Haukke Manor dungeon. I’m sure I could farm this solo, but I’m not sure the XP or the selling prices would be worth the trouble at this point.

Tomorrow I need to work on Goldsmith and Alchemy since they are a little behind the others.