Quarter of the Way

I’m grinding most of the professions and have made over 25% progress toward the Level Cap of 80.

FFXIV_2019_12_11_Jobs Done Analysis Private

So far, the Gil cost is about neutral. I’m mostly grinding using Miner and Botanist. But there are a few items that can only be obtained by Fishing, and those I’ve bought off the Market Place.

Also I’ve run across some examples of how Leve’s are scaled between Battle and Field/ Crafting jobs.

Leve Rewards by Job Type

Notice the XP difference between these two Battle and Crafting Leves.

“Earthbound” is a battle Leve and “A Man’s Gotta Dream” is a Miner Leve. Both are worth doing however since they both reward Ventures.

Here are some examples of Leves at Drybone at level 15, but you may want to do these up to level 30 or higher based on the nice rewards.

I went back later and got three more Ventures – two battle and one mining.

Pressing on. May you walk in the light of the Crystal.