Crafting Facet Gear

I’m investigating crafting to see if there are any roadblocks and which jobs I need to level. I’m wondering if I need to level Alchemist, and I come across this:

Of course I have SMN / SCH jobs, so yes I need to level ALC to create Facet weapons.  And further searching shows this:

Crafting Recipes

These high level recipes are found in Master Crafting books purchased for a currency that is apparently gotten from doing Crafting Leves. I’ve seen other versions of this currency before as I leveled one of my jobs.

Screenshot_2019-12-07 Master Leatherworker VII.png

So, apparently, as crafting jobs level up, and do Leves, these “books” are purchased to learn the recipes for the high level gear. Master “your job here” VII books are required in each job for Facet gear.

What Materials Are Required?

This site shows the recipe and all it’s constituents as well as which DoH / DoL jobs are required. Cool. However. Some of the items show “vendor” with Tomestones or Bicolor Gemstones. Bicolor Gemstones are not an issue. They are dropped by Fates in the Open World and I already have a few of those. But the Tomestones of Goetia might be a problem.

So the Tomestones of Goetia are dropped in high level dungeons. End Game. Beyond Shadowbringers.

Screenshot_2019-12-07 Tomestones of Goetia.png

The whole point of this exercise is to obtain weapons before I can go do those dungeons, or to avoid those dungeons, since that’s not my cup of Aether, as it were.

Well, actually. The materials are also available on the Market board. See below.

So the items marked as being sold for Tomestones are also on the market board. I’ve copied the current prices into the dialog at the right above. So not cheap. But hopefully I can sell some crafted gear in the 70’s and have gil to purchase these mats.

Crafting Simulator and Scripts

Crafting in FFXIV is a very detailed process. Almost all other games perform crafting of an item with a single click. But with FFXIV, it’s a “Battle” between the mats and Durability / Quality until you either get the item or fail. At the lower levels – up to about level 50 where I’ve been – the crafting is fairly straight forward. But at high levels it’s complicated. Although I’ve heard rumors that recent updates have changed that somewhat.

The previous page which shows the Recipes and mats required, has a link to a crafting page with a “Simulator”. So if you put in your stats, and the recipe, then you can do the crafting on the website without risking your mats with failure. But also, it has a simulator that will do the crafting and even give you a script to do the crafting for you.

So there, FFXIV. Wanna make crafting difficult and fiddly? Well, we’ll just simulate it and push out a script to make it one click again. Fooy on you. I’ve seen these scripts on other pages during my research. Not sure if they came from here, but they looked the same as these.

Retainers Are Not Reasonable

I’m low on space for DoH/DoL gear / mats etc for this effort. I figured I’d look into purchasing another couple of retainers for more space. But Nooooooo.

Screenshot_2019-12-07 Retainer Service FINAL FANTASY XIV, The Lodestone.png

Retainers are “Rented” not purchased. At this point I’m not going to sign up for another $2 – $6 / month on top of my $13 / month to play this game. Not reasonable. I’ll toss out the low level gear that I need to and purchase it again later.

Bottom Line

I see no roadblocks to my plan. Looks like I need to clean out my space and then level all the jobs, except Culinarian, toward level 450 to allow me to craft Facet Gear. The good news is that I have two level 80 jobs – GNB and RDM – and flight in all areas.

I’ve decided that I need to use RDM or another job to finish Shadowbringers, since I don’t want to do the last Dungeon – Amaurot – as a Tank. And certainly not the final trial as a Tank. This means that RDM needs 450 gear so finishing Shadowbringers will wait on my leveling all DoL / DoH jobs to create Facet Gear for RDM.

Lots of work ahead.