Windy Flayer is Level 20

Windy Flayer now at Level 20

In about three weeks of life, I, Windy Flayer have reached the august community of Level 20 characters. I have gone from a lowly apprentice Warrior in Pre-Searing Ascalon, to a member of a team who successfully negotiated the Villainy of Galrath Quest for a whopping 4000 xp – experience points. This single quest what put me over the top, from a mid-level 19 to a solid level 20.

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Guild Wars – Advanced Interface

A character like Fuchsia

[This is a work of fiction]

Jeremy was on spring break after his sophomore year in college. He was doing well in his Advanced Web Technologies major, but had decided not to take courses over the summer, staying on-campus rather than going home. A little distance from his parents was better. How could he stay out late partying and sleep until after noon with his mother around. Continue reading “Guild Wars – Advanced Interface”

Guild Wars – Frost Gate Campaign

Frost Gate

Forgive my haste in setting down the events of this night, but they are a rush though my head and I must set them down before the heat fades from my soul. I will try to give you a little history of the event, but there are things in this tale that doubtless you will not understand unless you have experienced the world of Guild Wars for yourself.

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