2Moons – Christmas 2008 Letters

Greetings and Happy Holidays from Braiken Castle and surrounding territories. I am called Windysquall and I’m a Bagi Warrior. I’m sure you can look my race up on the 2Moons site, so I’ll move on with my Christmas letter. We are now six, we brothers and sisters in 2Moons. I’ve started the letters since I’d like to thank all my brothers and sisters for their great sacrifice to provide me with my new enhanced weapons.

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2Moons MMORPG Review

2Moons is an MMORPG that is free to download and free to play. As we have seen, Guild Wars is purchased and then is free from monthly fees, while World of Warcraft is purchased and there is a monthly fee to play. This article will compare 2Moons with Guild Wars. I’m by no means an expert on MMORPGs, but my extensive 3D and software experience may allow me to lend some insights into what is going on with 2Moons.

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2Moons Legal Information

2Moons / Acclaim Copyright Information

I was unable to find a disclaimer on the Acclaim site and so I’ve made up one which I believe is in the right spirit.

© 2003-2008 Acclaim, Inc. All rights reserved. All logos and trademarks connected with 2Moons are copyright by Acclaim. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Based on the normal rules for establishing a fan site, this site can refer to and use 2Moons references, game screen shots and other material. This site is non-commercial and does not solicit money or make profit in any way from the display or reference to 2Moons materials.

This is a 2Moons Unofficial Site in every way.

Guild Wars – Letter from Cantha

Since we last wrote from Cantha, Truearrow and I have made much progress. We have both become Weh no Su and defeated Shiro in the battle of Sunjiang District, at least for now. We are now working with the Kurzicks and Luxons to assure their aid in the battles to follow. This is a long process since they are very untrusting of outsiders. Truearrow has become a friend of the Kurzicks and I am near to completing the task of befriending the Luxons. At that point we will each befriend the other group to build our skills and explore more of Cantha. Continue reading “Guild Wars – Letter from Cantha”

Guild Wars – Adventures in the Charr Homelands

Jora , the other heroes and I have been adventuring in the Charr Homelands and helping Gwen to defeat the Charr. Along the way, we have fought hard and long to gain he assistance of Pyre Fieceshot, a Charr ranger who has taken our side in this battle. Since Pyre is much like a wolf himself and a ranger, we decided that he should have a fitting companion, and so we tamed a black wolf for him.

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