Guild Wars – Reaping in Tyria

Hello, all. Just a short note to let you know my progress back here in Tyria. The big news is that the Charr have come and seared the land, and I have pushed on west toward the shiverpeaks. I have taken Ranger as a second profession, and have taken a Melandru’s Stalker as a pet. At first I was dubious and thought that I would trade him in soon for a black bear. The black bears here in Tyria are hard to tame as it turns out. But I find that I’m happy with “Reaper Cat” as I have named him, and we are working together well.

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Guild Wars – Sandy’s letter from Istan

Hi, all. This is a short note to let you know about our progress here in Istan. Both Jacob and I have been working hard to advance here so we can join the fight to save Elona from Nightfall. Both Jacob and I have achieved Sunspear Commander and proudly wear the title. I think Jacob is a little embarrassed that I beat him to that title by a day, but I found the Sunspear Bounty on the various beasts and Corsair pirates before he did. We should have been using that since the beginning since it is a great help in advancing our careers.

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