Guild Wars – Brothers and Sisters

We are eight: We brothers and sisters of Guild Wars lands. I am the elder of us and will introduce the rest. I grew up in Tyria, but since then I have visited the land of the Eye of the North to befriend Vekk and Ogden and Jora, and now we roam the lands of Tyria, the North Shiverpeaks and Cantha with our mechanistic friend MOX.

Over the past weeks, which have seemed like years, we have learned to cooperate and communicate, even though we are forever apart. In my small way I have been able to collect materials and funds to bring the others up faster into their skills, armor and weapons. It gratifies me to see how they have progressed. In the following pages you will learn, briefly, each of their stories.

For my part, I will continue, for the time being, to explore Kaineng City. I have been able to build my skills and power very effectively ther and when I grow some more I’ll return to Tyria to pursue the quest to protect the lands from the Destroyers.

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