Spiritmaster Pets

So far I’ve seen four pets of the Spiritmaster: Fire, Earth, Water and Wind. The Wind Spirit looks like a small griffin with a white / blue mane. The Tempest and Magma spirits appear, depending on your Faction, at level 50.

At about level 25 I’ve seen these pets. I prefer the Wind pet, although they all probably do the same damage and I’m not clear on any reasons for choosing among them.

Spiritmaster Skills

You can drag the “Attack” skill from the pet bar to the quick bars and assign a key to it. This is better than using the Spirit Threat skill since Spirit Threat has a longer cool down than Pet Attack. Be sure and pick up some Lesser Odella Powder at merchants since you’ll need it to use Mana Treatment to restore your Mana occasionally. Mana replenishment does not keep up for usage for this class, unlike other classes such as Songweaver, which almost never runs out of Mana. Looks like Herb Treatment is another way to heal, although I’ve not needed that function very often. Currently Potions are easily available.

Watch for the BackDraft skill. This restores about 1/3 of your HP and MP using a powerful attack. It has a fairly short cool-down as well. Plan carefully and you can finish the mob with a BackDraft and completely restore your HP/MP in the process.

Pet Growth

Another surprise is that some of the pets grow with level. This player has a Wind Spirit summoned at level 35. It’s much larger than the level 20 pet of this type. And an example of a high level Fire Spirit.

Spiritmaster is a very nice class to solo with since you can send your pet to attack and tank ahead of your attacks. The casting times of your skills don’t matter since your pet is engaging the foe.

I look forward to more progress with my Spiritmasters.

Update: Here are my pets at level 35.

Wind and Water have grown quite a lot. Fire has changed shape, and Earth may have grown a little, but is basically the same shape. None of the pets appear to be very effective Tanks. But they can be sent off to start attacks on a mob while you do more damage as you reel in the mob for the kill. Use Ice skills to slow it down on the way. Root of course is cancelled with the next attack.