Plastic Surgery

When I originally tried Aion on a private server, the Asmodian characters didn’t look that good. At some point I created characters on the NCSoft servers, but I don’t have a record of when I did that. I might have used a trial. At the time I was not impressed enough with the game to continue playing it. Recently I’ve come back to the NCSoft servers and am enjoying it.

After learning a lot more about how to create a nice looking character, I needed to send three of my original characters back through “Plastic Surgery”. Here’s an album of the process of in-game purchases and Plastic Surgery.

Purchase Process

Of course you buy “Shop Currency”, called NCoin, rather than purchasing something directly. But oddly it takes 12 hours or so to get your credit card approved and actually get your coins. I guess they are so worried about fraud that they wait for that long until they try to “cash in” on the credit card payment to allow fraud to be discovered. That even occurs the second time the card number is used. And maybe all the times it is used. A pain if you’re in a hurry. But I have plenty of Alts to play, so not an issue for me. Once  you have your coin you purchase from the in-game shop. See the photos above to see the process in detail.

Character Appearance Tips

Purchase the (Untradeable) version of the Plastic Surgery ticket. The tradeable one can be purchased by high level characters to sell on the market house for game kinah. If you have a ton of Kinah, you can buy a ticket on the market, but they are going to be expensive. You’ll get the ticket in the mail after your purchase, so go to your capital city and get it from the mailbox. Then find the Daeva of Appearance in the Angelic Frippery for Asmodae or whatever it’s called for Eylos.

There are a few things to watch out for to make your character look better:

  • Apply Lipstick for female characters. Unless you want to look like the undead, be sure and color her lips. This is especially important for Asmodae characters.
  • You may want to remove the Asmodae mane – which is the tail. It’s a check box under the body details. Of course if you leave it, the tail will clip through your gown.
  • Check out all the hair styles. The textures for many look like they are smeared with mayonnaise, but others look very nice.
  • The breasts on female characters will look larger in game than they do in the appearance changer. Not sure why, but you may not want to crank them up all that high.
  • The eyes look darker in game than they do in the appearance changer so brighten them up to see the color.
  • It may be interesting to create a character just to test things and then delete it if you don’t like it. There is a five minute cool down on the deletion, but it will allow you to see your character in-game. You may want to wait a few minutes for the light to change if you happen to show up in-game at night.

After playing for a while in the game I wanted to support the game so some plastic surgery tickets allowed me to do that.