Surfrider Mount for a Day


In the level 30 area town, the “Event” quest giver with the pink arrow gives you a quest for a 1 Day Surfrider mount reward. Woopee. Well not so much. It’s not very fast and it can’t fly. So it’s just a come on to spend real money in the store where you can buy one of these for each character. Sigh. No option to buy Account Wide mounts.

The blow hole is right under where you are standing, so it occasionally blows up your skirt and knocks you down. But you don’t fall off.

Not that fast, so while it’s an intro to mounts, it’s not that much faster than Running Potions. By this time  you probably have a hundred running potions and you’ll keep getting more, so mounts aren’t that interesting – until they can fly. But they probably give you a lame flying mount when you need it.