Flight in Eorzea

Flight was added to Final Fantasy XIV in the Heavenward Expansion. A Black Chocobo mount and an Aether Compass is awarded from a Main Scenario quest called “Divine Intervention” shortly after you reach Ishgard. Unlike Wow, flight does not cost game currency. You do a quest, get a mount and a compass, and then just travel around in the area to find Aether Currents and do some key quests that give you extra “Currents”.

FFXIV has apparently changed how flight works along the way. Some posts or wiki pages indicate that your “Company Chocobo” can fly too, although mine cannot. I’ll have to see whether a later quest or something unlocks that. Presumably nothing else has to happen for flying mounts from the Mog Store. I’m not psyched on Mog Store Mounts since they are pricey and are not account wide, but only for one character.

But the good news is that Flight is Cheap and Easy in FFXIV, unlike Wow where it costs a lot of currency to fly – currency for a flight skill at each level and currency to buy a mount. And it’s easy to fly in FFXIV, unlike Aion, where the flight controls are inconvenient in the extreme. In FFXIV the default is use SPACE to take off and then aim your bird with the mouse and use Motion [ WASD ] keys to move in the direction you like. Flight is fast out of the box. To land, just aim down to the ground and when the mounts feet touch the ground, you land. Simple. No funny keys to land. You can hover easily. Just let up on motion keys. Unlike Aion, GW2 and Tera, flight “Energy” does not run out. So if you need to fly across the map, you can. Unlocking flight in an area requires visiting 10 “Aether Currents” and doing Five special quests. Apparently one of the zones takes less than this normal number. One of the quests in the first area involves the first Heavensward Dungeon Duty. But it’s not that hard.

The only odd thing is that the Aether Compass remains in your “Key Items Bag Storage” which is an area reserved for Quest items. Odd. I’m not clear why the Aether Compass just doesn’t unlock a Skill in General like “Dyeing” or “Glamour”. They are careful to say if you lose the compass there is a fellow that has another. It’s not possible to lose Dyeing, so why the compass? I just dragged the compass from the key items bag section to my hot bar so it was easily available and the good news is that it has a very short cool-down, so you can use it frequently. See it below on the Ctrl-0 key?


This wiki page has details of the quests and Aether Current locations for each zone. The thing missing though is a map of each zone with the Aether Currents marked so you can pick them up efficiently as you start the zone. When I take my next Alt through each area, I’ll capture the locations and make a map of the area with the locations so you can easily plan a trip around the area to pick them all up. Location numbers and messages from the Aether Compass like “184 yarms North East” is not all that useful. Possible but not as easy as it can be.

Wow has an ethic that you need to do a lot of work in the zone before you can fly there, at least for the first character in the account. For FFXIV, there is no account wide benefit for flight, but no steep learning curve either. Compare visiting 10 places and doing five quests to the work required to unlock flight in Wow Draenor, for example. Draenor Flight requires visiting literally a hundred places for a Treasure Hunter achievement, and doing a pile of quests and unlocking an advanced reputation with several factions. Yep, I’ve done that, and it takes more than a week in Wow, not a couple of hours in one afternoon.

Flap On!


At the End of Our Hope

One of the early quests after you reach Ishgard is “At the End of Our Hope”. As you wander North, doing quests and gradually opening the map, you come to the Duty entry for this quest. No spoilers. This is the first Heavensward solo duty and it’s held in a huge area. Unlike the ARR duties, which are in very small areas, this one drops you into the great open wastes with few land marks. I messed up and spent 10 minutes finding my way back to the quest and that was after seeing a video. So take care.

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Dyson V7 is Old News

I called Dyson recently to get some attachments for my Ancient DC 44 portable vacuum, and they offered me a special price on a Dyson V7. Now I get why. And I’m not unhappy, but also not surprised. The latest model is V10, so they want to dump those old V7’s they still have in the warehouse, apparently. My DC 44 is old enough that someday I’ll need a new battery and those are expensive, so I was hedging my bets by taking the V7 deal.

The V7 has some new attachments and a more convenient latch for them. Instead of having to use two hands, you can remove the attachments with one hand. How cool, and how obvious.

I got the V7 “Motorhead” which came with a wide floor motorized brush, straight extension, combo brush and crevice tool. In addition, a few days later a package arrived with the “Up Top” bending tool, the angle brush and the extension hose, probably due to having done automatic registration or something.

Anyway, the V7 is very cool. Easier to empty, with even more cyclone thingies and more powerful suction.

I have allergies, and Dyson’s allow me to clean the house without sneezing since nothing gets by those cyclones. I have an old pre-ball model for the floors and portables for dusting. No rags for me to dust. If you have allergies, you might like to try a Dyson.


Ishgardian Gear

Upon completing the “A Realm Reborn” main story quest “Before the Dawn” you arrive in Ishgard, the capital city of the Heavensward expansion. No Spoilers, but you will want to get a box of tissues and allow plenty of time to finish up “A Realm Reborn”.

At this point I have been doing Daily Main Scenario Roulettes and have geared up jobs I don’t even have yet. I have fully augmented Ironworks gear for White Mage [ Level 62], Red Mage [56], with Paladin [30’s] and Dragoon [40’s] following.

But Ishgard is in the Mountains of the Far North. So my outfit is hardly suitable.

The Ironworks Healer and Caster “Tent” has been “Glamorized” to something more attractive, but really only suitable for Warmer climes.¬† These show the Red Mage Caster variety. The Elezen top is quite attractive. The healer variety employs a long open robe with the white Ironworks Healer boots. A little nicer for the cold, but clearly the “Caster” gear needs work.

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Surfrider Mount for a Day


In the level 30 area town, the “Event” quest giver with the pink arrow gives you a quest for a 1 Day Surfrider mount reward. Woopee. Well not so much. It’s not very fast and it can’t fly. So it’s just a come on to spend real money in the store where you can buy one of these for each character. Sigh. No option to buy Account Wide mounts.

The blow hole is right under where you are standing, so it occasionally blows up your skirt and knocks you down. But you don’t fall off.

Not that fast, so while it’s an intro to mounts, it’s not that much faster than Running Potions. By this time¬† you probably have a hundred running potions and you’ll keep getting more, so mounts aren’t that interesting – until they can fly. But they probably give you a lame flying mount when you need it.


Flir C2 Thermal Camera

I’ve been wanting a Thermal Camera for a while and finally got around to doing some research and the Flir C2 seemed to be a good one to start with. It has the option to take a normal light picture with the thermal image. Once charged up and with the settings changed for F rather than C, here are some pics to start with.

Should be an interesting tool.

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Fixing Cabela’s Moccasins

A long time ago I got some Cabela’s Moccasin Duck Boots. These are great for here in Coastal Oregon, where the grass never dries. And they should be easy to slip on and off at the door. But the problem is that they never were easy to put on and take off. The Tongue of the shoes was turned in rather than out.

As you can see from these pictures, I’ve figured out how to re-string the laces to correct this issue. On the left is the original shoe and the right picture shows one repaired shoe.

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Plastic Surgery

When I originally tried Aion on a private server, the Asmodian characters didn’t look that good. At some point I created characters on the NCSoft servers, but I don’t have a record of when I did that. I might have used a trial. At the time I was not impressed enough with the game to continue playing it. Recently I’ve come back to the NCSoft servers and am enjoying it.

After learning a lot more about how to create a nice looking character, I needed to send three of my original characters back through “Plastic Surgery”. Here’s an album of the process of in-game purchases and Plastic Surgery.

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