Quest Helpers

Here are some quest helper maps and tips for quests in FFXIV. For some quests, maps are just quicker than videos.

Buried Truth – Lominsan Side Quest

Fossil locations – two oblong and one round fossil

Back and Forth – Main Scenario Quest

Find Rhesh Polaali in the Garlean Stronhold. An NPC in this quest looks like me.

Volunteer Dragonslayers

Find four adventurers in Revenant’s Toll.

Doman Connection – Main Scenario Quest

This quest has you finding an NPC in Quarrymill. Of course it’s high on the walkway around the inside of the wall.

Aether On Demand – Main Scenario Quest

The Inconspicuous crates are very hard to find. One is on top of a pipe above the outpost which is reached by a staircase on the other side of the outpost.

The Wyrm’s Roar – Main Scenario Quest

The Intercessory Gatekeeper is hard to find. He’s on the ground level, outside, between the wall and the building at the gate to the Intercessory which is inside the wall apparently.

Watch back for more as required.